Monday, September 8, 2008


I am going through internet withdrawl....I miss you all, miss me too?

I posted too soon about my computer being clean and okay. It is clean but not OK at all.

I cannot even boot it up! I am working with some nerds here to get it going- but it is very complicated unfortunately, Should be easy, but of course it isn't. The hardest part being I need to save very imnportant things that are on my desktop and when we access hard drive, for some reason we cannot access MY DOCUMENTS.

Anyway so I am only able to go online from net cafe (here now) and occassionaly from work (connection SUCKS there) so what can i do?

I miss you all a lot and miss reading your blogs too. I plan to catch up soon as I (laptop) am fixed and ready to go again.

School is great. Still no kids until early October, but room decor coming along ok. The lack of supplies and stuff is driving me crazy and have been buying alot myself, but its ok all in all.

So my dear sweet sistas, take care know I am thinking of you and say a prayer for my laptop, LOL, i so hope it is fixed soon. XOXOXOXOXOXO


  1. Oh, That is horrible! I hope it is fixed soon. I went without computer access for a week while on vacation and I knew if I didn't get home to my computer soon someone would find me in a corner in the fetal position rocking back and forth...

  2. Aw! I do miss you. I hope your computer gets better soon. If mine died I don't know what I would do.
    I still can't believe how long you have before you get students.

  3. We miss you too. Hope your computer feels better soon.

  4. Ughhh. That sounds like a mess. I hope it is up and running soon. I miss seeing you!!

  5. Yes, I do miss you!!!

    Come back soon! :)

  6. Miss u 2. Thanks for coming by to sat hello.

    Talk to ya soon.

  7. I feel for ya, girl...I was so lost when my computer crashed!

    You are always missed...hope your computer gets better soon! :)


  8. Computer problems are so dreaded and bad. When they occur we realize how much we are addicted to the little iron boxes. Sorry for your woes. Glad to hear the classroom prep is coming along.

  9. Still praying for your laptop.

    Miss you!!!


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