Tuesday, September 2, 2008

IVF Worldwide

Interesting IVF article in The Irish Times

Family secrets

Baby is first in UK born after new IVF procedure

IVF banned in Dubai?

Now the article above had me saying "what?" I am not sure why they think IVF and Is.la.m do not go together? As long as IVF is not using donor sperm, but rather both the eggs and sperm from the married couple all is good. Dubai is very high tech and an up and coming growing international city, come on.

*** Please my intention was not to start a debate here about IVF and Mu.sli.m values. In Is.la.m, ART procedures are allowed but no donor sperm nor eggs are used. So how, you ask, if the wife or husand has problems with their eggs or sperm do they get pregnant....they keep trying and it is a long road sometimes.....

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  1. Very interesting round-up of related issues, and to see them around the world was enlightening. Thanks also for explaining Ramadan to us. I know you said it might be a while before you can try IVF again. I hope that the opportunity comes as soon as you need it. Thinking of you!!


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