Wednesday, September 24, 2008

IVF number 6 and Florenzo

So the beyoutch came today, Aunt Flo she is such a timely heffa (old school word that just popped into my mind, which actually means female cow i think?) isn't she?

You'd think after 10 plus years of TTC her arrival would be expected, let me tell you it still isn't, I know many of you feel me on this.

Anyway she's here and we decided today when she vists again next month, which of course she will, we will start IVF number SIX. I have mixed feelings you know. Excitement and fear... as usual and as with the other five trials the same feeling except of course the first try, IVF number ONE, I just knew I was would be having twins.....

Wanted to share this with you my favorite infertile and fertile (yeah) friends.I plan to keep you updated when we start. I will be working too, which is a first while doing an IVF trial, so should be interesting, we'll see.

Okay now about Florenzo, most of you know him. My baby, my outside cat.

So check it, a few days ago, he disappeared for the whole day, came home about 1AM, ate alittle, and then went away meowing like crazy. We saw him over the next two days he'd pop in for a minute, meow like crazy and be gone. We'd watch him down the street seemed like he was looking for something.

So you know I this behavior of course. Seems there was female cat in heat and he was calling to mate with her? Indeed there was.

Meet Fiona. (For first timers, Florenzo is orange and white)

Every morning when I open the front door, Floreno always hears the door, I feed him and then leave. But this morning, tagging along behind him was his newest girlfriend, who we have named Fiona. As you can see from above they were playing abit and she was chasing him around the yard!

We saw them together last too, so seems they spent the night togther and he invited her home for breakfast.

So i get home from work, my husband says Florenzo is baclk to normal, hangin out in the yard, not wandering off and staying gone for so long, cool. But guess who else is hanging out in the yard too, yep, Fiona LOL!

She is eating his food, drining his water and he doesn't seem to care. They played around a bit, but seems as if they are comfortable and know each other.

Anyway...I know some of you are cat experts, having many, what exactly is going on?


  1. It might be L-O-V-E...
    Watch out - they might not need IVF to make babies...

    I hope six is the charm my friend.

  2. Sounds like he's made a friend! I have fostered many cats in my day (and we have 3 of our own) and some of them do become friends. Others, not so much.

    But, hooray for IVF #6! I'm so very excited to hear more about it.

  3. I have no idea but it seems to me they're in looove.

  4. maybe he's doing the honorable thing. I'd keep a watch out for kittens...

  5. I just read your show and tell. Wow.

    Florenzo.... did you get him fixed?
    You know what Bob Barker says.

    Keeping fingers crossed for this cycle.

  6. Don't be surprised if soon there are some little Fionas and Florenzos running around. So cute that 'renzo has a shorty!

    I'm excited about your next cycle. I found on as you were on the heels of IVF#5. This one just HAS to be THE ONE!

  7. I know it must be exhausting, girl. I'm tired of it all and I've only been through one IVF and one FET. I'm looking forward to following IVF #6...praying!!

    Yep, looks like LOVE! You could have some kittens on your hands soon! :)

  8. Expect some kittens soon :)
    Though it depends on where Fiona decides to go and have them...
    Good luck with #6...I hope this will be your success cycle.

  9. I can imagine your mixed feelings about IVF #6. I was happy to see you have decided to try again, but I can definitely understand your feelings. All I can say is there is not more hope for you anywhere out there than there is from me. Thanks for letting us know.

  10. Hmmmm.... Hmmm... I'm guessing that it must be love love love?? You might be a grandma pretty soon if you don't watch out for your horny little kids. Unless Fiona has endo like me. LOL. Ok, bad joke.

    Ok, IVF #6, let this work for you.


  11. If you ask me, it appears that Fiona is moving in and taking over Florenzo's "pad." Before you know it, she'll be throwing all his things out, redecorating and basically running his life...

  12. Hi there-
    I enjoy reading your bog and myself a IVF vet! Have you looked into immune testing? It was the additional help that I needed. Whatever you choose good luck!

  13. sorry the hag showed up, good luck with IVF #6


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