Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Red Sea Bound

We are so going to Dahab this weekend. I feel it'll be fine for me and your comments helped me solidify my decision, thanks. All we do in Dahab is lounge by the water, walk alittle, well alot, but this time I will take only short walks. So loungin' on the Red Sea, feeling like a Bohemian traveler will suit me just fine for a few days I think.

Oh and the Clexane having to be refrigerated, don't think it has to be. It says on package DO NOT STORE UNDER 25C, which is like 77F, so not thinking it has to be stored in fridge, its not that hot here yet. The reason I thought it should be stored in fridge is when we buy from the pharmacy they give it to us with ice in the bag? Which  they do with all meds that should be stored cold. Anyway next time I buy I will ask them, but at least I read package and know its not necessary. So i can just bring enough along with us.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dahab from one of my many previous ravings writings about it, it is located in the South Sinai, the Aqaba Gulf of Egypt. Its about a 6 hour car drive for us from NE Cairo and the drive itself is awesome. Its all desert, the mountains and oasis' you see along the way are incredible!

Many Bedouins still live and farm off the desert land and you can see their little communities occassionally along the way, its amazing. A few have even set up little "stops" along the road where they serve their very sweet Bedouin tea or sell little handmade trinkets its quite an experience.

If you have to use the bathroom while on the road, tough shit. Literally. There is a stop like half way called Nakhl. There are a handful of "coffee shops" with restrooms that alot of tour buses and drivers like us stop at. There is one we always stop at, which we determined is the best of out of the three or so there.

Then the next main stop is Taba, this is an Egyptian border crossing into Israel. It feels a bit scary when you reach here. The "gates" are manned with soldiers that have rifles and there are alot of them. They check your passports here and ask where you are going and for how long, then they waive you through. The first time I passed through here I was like damn this is scary, now I know what to expect LOL. The military presence is everywhere in Egypt, it was strange and a bit scary at first but I am used to it now. Just so different than back in the US, as we don't have soldiers everywhere with guns do we?

Foreigners are forbidden to go off the main road in many places while in the Sinai, and you see signs posted to this effect both in Arabic and English. Um, I would not want togo off road I think anyway, so it works out just fine. There is so much to see on this "main road" itself you wouldn't need to start any off road adventures.

Sorry this all sounds scary huh, LOL, but believe me its not. Its a part of life living in this region and it really is for safety. I feel safe everywhere I go and Egypt is one of the most tourist friendly and safe places I think in the region. They go the extra mile to protect and keep safe visitors to Egypt, really they do.

So today is 2dp5dt, (2 days past 5 day transfer) and I feel good. Nothing strange or different, I just think, oh I'm pregnant now and my babies are nestling into my lining, God Willing.

We will test when we get back to Cairo, don't think we will stay in Dahab until the 20th. Then again, we always get sucked in there and may end up staying longer, we'll see. But for now we are intending to come home before test day.


  1. Wow, that sounds like such an ADVENTURE! I'd love to go!
    Enjoy this time and keep thinking about your babies nestling in for another 9 monhts :) Keeping all limbs available crossed for you!

  2. Have a wonderful trip.

    BTW, I checked on the Clexane storage for you and this is what is says "Store below 25°C. Do not store in a refrigerator or freezer. Store in the original container." Basically, that means keep at room temperature or, if you live in an exceptionally cold or exceptionally hot place, take steps to maintain it at a proper temperature.

  3. Hope you guys have a fabulous, relaxing time...sounds amazing!

  4. Bon voyage! I hope you have a great trip and happy news upon your return!

  5. Lounging by the Red Sea...that is just too cool. :)

  6. It sounds all so exotic!! Glad you checked about the clexane, last night I had to chek it too to make sure I hadn't stored it wrong all the time!!

    Will you be blogging from Dahab? you can't leave me without news for so long!! I forgot to ask you if you are on progesterone support, I am, both PIO and pessaries.
    I also try and keep positive thoughts, and we are definitely pregnant until proven otherwise! Love, Fran

  7. Now that sounds like a good way to spend some time (well, except for the sparsity of bathrooms on the trip and the soldiers with guns, but otherwise...)

    I hope you have a great time and the next 10 days fly by!

  8. This is an adventure I would so love to go on :)
    I hope you enjoy your trip, and take lots of pictures :D I wan´t to see some awsome pictures from the trip.

  9. How luck for you both that you get to live in such a lovely place.
    When I was reading about the soldiers with gun all I could do is think I like a man in a uniform.
    have a fun safe trip.

  10. So glad you are taking the trip. I'm jealous =) Lounging by the Red Sea sounds fantastic. Enjoy yourselves!

  11. You trip sounds amazing, relax, enjoy and let those embabies do their thing. And I totally want to see pictures!!! Thinking of you, sending tons of good vibes your way...they may take awhile to get to you but they're!!!

  12. hooray for transferred embryos and even more for getting the heck out of dodge for a while. i hope your trip is lovely and relaxing and ends with good news.

    (re: men with guns. i commute through grand central station, where, depending on the day, there can be quite a number of heavily armed fellows hanging about. nothing more fun than coming back to the city after work, having been away from the news, to find the place awash in camo and bristling with armaments. really lends itself to a calm subway trip home....)

  13. Sounds like a wonderful escape during the wait. Enjoy!!!

  14. have a great trip, I remember Dahab being lovely (we were there on our Egypt trip last Xmas/NYE), I'm so jealous.

    Much belated good luck being sent your way, I'm so glad to read the transfer went well and you had three beautiful blasts. I hope the wait goes nice and quick and I'm of course sending loads of good, sticky vibes your way.

  15. Enjoy your trip! Sounds fascinating.

    If the Clexane storage is the same as regular heparin, it will be fine at room temp. All of my drugs have always been sent with freezer packs and kept cold, but very few need to be kept cold. The heparin actually lives on the dining room table ;)

    Have a great time! You deserve it!!!


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