Friday, June 25, 2010

Can I get some salt with that water please

We're coming Red Sea...

I think its about that time again, the salty waters of the Red Sea are calling me. I said to Super S yesterday that its time we make a visit to our favorite destination Dahab. Those of you who visit me often know our love affair with Dahab, I have blogged it about it waay too much.

So we are thinking about going in a few days for a week or so. I think I want to visit Dr. K just to check before we go. Super S said, "no all is ok, don't worry..." but he knows me, you know me, I just want another confirmation before I go in around 24 weeks and before we go to Dahab so I go knowing all is good with Superbaby. We'll see, but I think I will try to go in Sunday or Monday maybe.

The last time we were in Dahab, was two days after embryo transfer and before our first beta on February 20th. While we were in Dahab I wrote this in the sand....

Little did I know at the time that this day would be one of THE best in all my life!

Tomorrow is 22 weeks for me, wow, just wow! You know what I've been getting, some really fun late night calf cramps. So painful that they wake me up, I scream and Super S massages it out. Not every night, but sporatically. I read about it online and its normal it seems. I read in a few places that drinking a glass of tonic water gets rids of them? I only get them at night, I wiggle it out or Super S massages it out and thats it. I don't get them during the day but I have noticed my feet are a bit sore throughout the day, especially the foot on the leg that had the had cramp the night before. They are not swelling as much so thats cool. I really am trying to sit more often.

This week Super S and celebrated our 14th anniversary. We met 16 years ago and been married for 14. Seems like just yesterday really. I daydream sometimes that had things gone as "normal" our son or daughter would be going into high school this fall wouldn't they? But you know what, Super baby will be here in October, God Willing, and if we live, we will be old when he goes to high school and thats just fine with me.

On our anniversary we went for a really nice dinner, spent the evening walking at our club, watched a world cup game and it was just a great day! Romantic huh, LOL. It was wonderful and when we're in Dahb next week we'll celebrate all over again too.

So have a wonderful weekend my friends, I'll update soon. xoxo


  1. How old are you my friend? you can't be that old come on!! I love reading your posts and I love reading about Dahab. I know we'll meet one day. Love, Fran

  2. have a great time at the beach! the only thing i know about leg cramps is make sure you're getting enough potassium.


  3. Happy Anniversary! When you've been married for a while, the simple things are sometimes teh best aren't they?

    Hope you have a great time in Dahab. What a perfect place to retreat to.


  4. The tonic water has quinine in it which is supposedly a good relief for cramping.

    I can't believe its 22 weeks already! WOW!

    Have a wonderful re-anniversary!!!

  5. Bananas...those leg cramps are typically because of a need for potassium. Eat bananas and it should help.

    I simply can NOT believe you are 22 weeks!

  6. Oh, gawsh, the dreaded leg cramps. Bionic is right - your potassium is low. It's nothing to worry about aside from those horrid leg cramps. Eat bananas and drink orange juice. I don't know if you can find it there in Egypt, but at least here in the states Minute Maid has a variety of OJ which specifically comes with extra potassium. Regular old orange juice should work just fine, though.

    22 weeks? WOW! Are we ever going to get to see a belly shot? :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your trip.

  8. Please, please, please pack me in your suitcase..... I want to come visit Sooooooo bad :-) Do you know how many people I have told about the cops riding camels in Cairo -only where the pyramids are. Oh girl, and now the Red Sea.... Enjoy your anniversary celebration and yahoo for 22 weeks - super great news for a super great person :-)

    XOXO- Kara

  9. Sounds like a perfect time away! Enjoy yourself!

    I concur with the others... bananas and orange juice should help with the leg cramps.

  10. Happy Anniversary! My 7th is Sunday.

    Glad everything is going so well! AS for the leg cramps, they are totally expected in pregnancy. I used to get them all the time several years ago and I became really good at immediately flexing my foot when one wakes me up - it helps a lot! It's like a natural reflex now and it has helped me avoid most of my pregnancy leg cramps. Whatever you do, don't point your toes! You can also roll your foot back and forth over a cylinder like a bottle or drinking glass.

  11. Have a great trip! And ditto on the potassium. I'm not a banana fan, but potatoes and sweet potatoes have a good amount of potassium too.

    22 weeks! More than halfway there!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a great trip.

  13. oh I had one of those cramps the other night. OMG painful!!! Luckily it's the only one i've had so far (fingers crossed).
    Anyway just thought you might like to know that if your going to use tonic water then try to find 'Indian tonic water' it's similar to the standard kind but has a higher mineral content which is what your after. I know ladies that swear by it. I'll be doing that if mine return. Also bananas and almonds have magnesium in them, good for cramps plus the almonds have calcium so bonus :)
    Hope the cramps go away for you.


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