Monday, June 7, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: The Perfect Blanket

So I'm browsing  Etsy cause you know how many tons of awesome handmade things are available there and came across this perfect little blanket.

Its by Mollyannemake and she's got the goods man!

It super soft on both sides- front is chenille, back is super soft & luxurious too and I (or someone else maybe) am so ordering one for our little Superbaby. How can I order now you ask, it must mean you you have a name... indeed we do. I will share it soon, but for now you have to wait, smile.

Anyway check out her stuff and the thousands of other items and support small independant business on Etsy. So many of our fellow bloggers are on there too. If YOU have a shop on Etsy, leave a comment with a link to your Etsy shop so we can all visit too.

This is a Perfect Monday Moment because I am buying a personalized blanket for MY baby... beyond believable, beyond perfect man!


  1. It looks really that the chosen name of the Superbaby or just an image of the kind of blanket you ordered?

  2. WiseGuy no thats just an image of the product.... i will share Superbaby's name soon. xoxo

  3. well I love the ANTICIPATION of knowing we'll "know" him soon.

    I want to crawl under that blanket..and snuggle..I am ALL ABOUT THE SNUGGLING!

    so glad you're making purchases for YOUR Baby. *Happy tears*

  4. Very cool = ) I look forward to hearing the name of your little man. I will have to check out this site as well. Hope you are well!!

  5. Super cute, thanks for sharing!!! I too love Etsy & have surfing it a lot lately looking at all the adorable baby stuff, so addicting!!! Can't wait to hear superbaby's name!!!

  6. Congrats!! you waited a long time for this and I am super excited for you girl!

  7. Oh I LOVE that blanket. It's gonna be perfect.

  8. Wow then!! Would love to know the name of the little fellow!

    Be good.


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