Friday, June 11, 2010

Funky Friday

I don't know why I titled this Funky Friday, but it could be a new to do for blogs on Fridays maybe? Air out our funk on a Friday maybe? Good, bad, funny, sad whateva, we'll see.

Anyway, hey.

I am still here and still pregnant as far as I know. Tomorrow is a big milestone for me, 20 weeks, 5 WHOLE months you guys.. still hard to believe. I feel good. And I feel lazy too. Like I have things to do but just don't want to. I read that the second trimester is the best and easiest, while it is easy I am still lazy. 

It feels like Superbaby is on my bladder too. I am not sure if this feeling is normal, but like if I press down there at the bottom of my tummy I can feel pressure, like I could/should use the bathroom. Even right after emptying my bladder, is this cool? Hopefully it is.

I don't feel Superbaby moving yet. Dr. K said as this is my first pregnancy I won't feel movement until well after 20 weeks... I feel twinges and some sharpness sometimes, but no kicking or real movement I don't think. I can't wait to feel him from outside. At night when I lie in bed, I rub my belly and I swear I can feel his arm or head sometimes, who knows if I'm right, but its a great feeling anyway!

We have some friends from the US who are in the region for a weddding, and they are coming to Egypt to visit us on Sunday. They will be with us for only 4 days, short but it will great to see them! They have five kids, four boys and a girl. The boys are older, one is getting married next month, the others are college aged as well. Their sister is the youngest and came along late she's probably like 7 or so. As far as I know it is just our friends, not their kids who are coming.

So Super S and I have been planning the schedule, what we'll do and where we will take them on their short visit. Of course the Pyraminds, Khan al Khalili Bazaar, Al Azhar Park, The Citadel, downtown for dinner and a cruise on the Nile.... I sure hope we can cram all this in. We will and have before. So its kind of nice to entertain friends as its been awhile. Lets hope I can stay awake and motivated enough to do so.

Speaking of motivation... I have to clean the guest room and bathroom.  I have been planning all week to clean the guest room and bathroom. Its Friday, they come Sunday, you think its time? LOL, I will hit today for sure.

I have to share that Super S is just so amazing. I know you guys hear me say that all the time, but seriously what a guy. Yesterday he got out the vaccum and went to town!  He vaccumed like a champ, moving furniture, vaccuming the counches the whole nine. He has been so awesome, not wanting me to do anything, of course I do, but he is such a great help. He is going to be such an amazing Daddy, I can't wait.

Oh, and how much do I love you all for your awesome advice on shopping? My goodness you guys totally prepared me and gave me an idea of what to shop for initially and gave me some great ideas on some must haves too. Thank you so much! A special thanks to my dear, dear online friend Fiddle1, she sent an email that proably took a day to compose. Fiddle now you know why I haven't sent an email back, cause I am so lazy. I love ya girl!

Have a great Friday and talk soon. xoxo


  1. YAY, congrats on 20 weeks!! I'm sure you'll feel movement like the day after :)
    Sounds like an awesome schedule you've got planned for your friends, makes me want to go to Egypt :)

    Easy on the cleaning and enjoy your lazy days! Who cares about a little dust in the corners...

  2. Congratulations on 20 weeks!!! I too feel pressure on my bladder and feel like I constantly have to go to the bathroom even after I just went. You are not alone there!

    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with your friends.

  3. 20 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEE!!!
    (I love when Fridays are full of hope and good posts)

    I didn't feel the twins until about 22 weeks...and then when I did...holy cow it never stopped...(and still hasn't..LOL)

    Being lazy is a REQUIREMENT of being PG. You are making a human being, that's hard work...and your hubby sounds amazing, ask him if the bathroom isn't too much to ask...HA.

    I am just glad to hear joy admist the laziness in your voice. It makes me sooo happy to hear YOU happy.

  4. Happy 20 weeks! That's just amazing :)

    Hope you have fun showing your friends around. They are lucky to have friends like you guys - it sounds like you have a great trip planned for them!

    My husband (and me too) has a question for you - does it ever get cold there? haha Might sound like a stupid question but my husband pictures it like a sweltering hot desert year round. What are your winters like?

  5. 20 weeks! Congrats...have fun! And Super S does sound super! :-)

  6. Sounds like you have a fun four days planned. I hope you enjoy your time with your friends :) And more importantly, I hope that you can find some energy to clean your guest bedroom and bathroom before they arrive!

  7. Enjoy your friends' visit! It sounds like you won't have much time to be lazy, though!

    I didn't really feel my girl moving until after my 20 week ultrasound. They were trying to check the gender and she wouldn't uncross her legs, so the tech kept poking at her with the ultrasound wand. Apparently this irritated her enough that, after I left the ultrasound, she uncrossed her legs and proceeded to kick me for the next 20 weeks straight.

    Super S is doing a fine job. Make sure and reward that kind of good behavior!

  8. Wow! 20 weeks?! Why does it seem your pregnancy is going so much faster than mine?! Congrats!

    I didn't feel movement until almost 24 weeks. It will happen soon! And the bladder thing is exactly how I feel sometimes, I think when she is right on my bladder. Like I just went and then I am afraid I might pee my pants already. Not a cool feeling. Maybe you are carrying Superbaby low so it happened earlier and happens more.

  9. I think it's funny when people say "take a cruise on the Nile". For some reason, it just sounds so..odd! But I'm sure that people do take cruises on the Nile! So funny.

    Anyway, 20 weeks is a huge milestone. You're halfway there! Congrats!!

  10. That feeling with the bladder is completely normal.

    As for early movement, the best way to describe it is it feels like gas bubbles popping. I heard lots of people say it felt like a butterfly's wings fluttering but it never felt that way for me.

  11. 20 weeks! What a milestone.

  12. 20 weeks!!! Are you going to find out the sex of your baby...or did I miss that already??? How fun to have friends visting, uh...I so wish I could go to Egypt again. I still call it my trip of a lifetime!

  13. Hey wow 20 weeks! That's pretty cool! From what I hear (of course I wouldn't know first hand) it's quite normal to feel baby pressing on your bladder.. lol.

    Feeling much better now! Thanks for your message!

  14. I'm a little late in commenting, but I hope your Friday Funk is long gone.

    Yay for 20 weeks!


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