Friday, October 15, 2010

37 weeks, 5 days

Well I got the automated call from the doctors office, but this time it said "You have a message from your doctor, call blah blah blah to retrieve your message." So naturally I was nervous as that very cordial automated voice did not tell me this time "your test results are normal."

So I called the number to retrieve my message and all is ok, doctor just went over the results. My hemoglobin is better now, (thanks iron tablets), my sodium is a little decreased, (funny as I snack on salty things), electrolytes, liver enzymes and a few other things all just great. She said to increase my protein and that she attributes all these "little" things to end of pregnancy timing. So nothing to worry about for now I guess, THANK GOD!

I will go in Tuesday, to have another ultrasound to check fluid levels again and then a week and one day from today Superbaby makes his debut, God Willing.

Sciatic pain still there but totally bearable. I waddle now and I have gotten used to my new way of walking LOL. Maybe I will adopt and keep my little swagger after Superbaby gets here... um- so kidding. I know this and many things should pass after the birth. You know I am not complaining as you know how much of a breeze this pregnancy has been for me. I am so fortunate and everything has really been just awesome. As I always say, I just hope and pray that all continues this way until next Friday.

I feel Superbaby alot these days, not as active as months prior but he is moving around and I feel him daily. I just keep telling him to hang out a bit longer.  

So thats all for now. Just wanted to update on my lab results. Talk soon. xoxo


  1. You are getting sooo close!

  2. Glad to hear there was nothing to worry about. Just keep growing that little guy...

  3. Yeah for normal test results!! I too have been trying to eat more protein!! So glad that everything is going well (except the sciatic pain but am glad it is bearable!!) Hope that the next week goes by fast and we both have our little guys in our arms!!!

  4. .......(tears rolling down my cheeks)......(more tears)

    Oh my friend, I feel so so emotional for you and the big arrival...can't wait!

  5. Enjoy every last kick because you won't believe how much you will soon be missing them! Can't wait to hear the big birth announcement real soon! Congrats!

  6. Tomorrow is the big day!!!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!


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