Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost 8 months

Superbaby truns 8 months next week. Um, where has the time went? I bet it just keeps passing faster as he gets older too huh?

Alot changes in a week. I remember my last post about him, and this week he is doing so many more things. He is now semi-crawling. Still moves in all directions on his tummy, but using his feet to push more instead of just reaching and pulling himself with his hands. He can also now move on tile, where as before he would just tap it with his hands and wonder why he couldn't grab it, LoL.

Yesterday while we were playing on the bed, he grabbed my legs as I was laying down and pulled himself up to standing! He also raised his tummy alittle bit and crawled on his knees for a few seconds. Yeah! Then tonight he pulled himself to standing, bent over a bit, but standing four times holding his Bumbo chair (while I held it down from the back). This boy wants to walk! Whenever I hold him now he is squirming to get down to the floor, like he's just going to run away.

So when he starts crawling more, I'm gonna go crazy. We have all marble floors, and do have throw carpets in rooms so I am so scared he will bang his face or head. We also a bunch of stairs, we found a stair gate here thank God and will purchase soon. I have this same fear for when he starts to walk as well. Any good advice in addition to NEVER taking my eye off of him of course?

He is finally starting to like some chunky food, but I noticed with dry things only. Like when I make his veggies, he still seems to like them smooth and pureed. But now he wants to try everything he sees us eating and I let him most times. If its not too spicy I brake off a tiny piece and let him taste it. He really seems to dig bread. We eat a lot of pita bread, especially at breakfast and he loves it! I did only give him a small piece a few times and did make it soft before putting into his mouth too. Probably didn't need to, but I still am scared of choking.

He is a lot more vocal too. Like is he trying to talk to us. When I ask him things he makes like a hmmmm sound, and says dada alot. Like I said before maybe Daddy will be his first word and Super S is thrilled, me too. He's such and AMAZING Daddy, exactly as I knew he would be.

I think Superbaby will be built like his Daddy. He has no tummy now and a very slender build with a long torso, like Super S. It may change I know, but I think he will may have that good metabolism being able to eat anyand everything and not gain a pound. Now me on the other hand...

His personality is what makes him so amazing. We see it now, he is gonna be a trip and is so funny. He loves people and is friendly and always has a smile. He is such a happy little man, we love it!

His top two teeth are coming in now. He has his bottom two. He has started biting my shoulder when I carry him, and man are those suckers sharp! Then last night for the first time he bit me while I was feeding him. I screamed and he looked at me, paused a minute then smiled and laughed. What is the best way to handle this? I read put my finger in his mouth to release? While nursing it shouldn't happen and doesn't, I mean he bit when he was letting go.

Tonight we watched the lunar eclispe from our telescope on the roof, it was amazing. A bunch of friends came over and they enjoyed watching it so much. I didn't take Superbaby to the roof as I am scared of mosquitos for him. I took him to one of the windows though, showed him the moon and told him what was happening.


  1. Go Superbaby! I know it's scary with him going mobile. I wish I had suggestions, but rugs slide, and kids fall, and you will want to be right on him all the time at first anyway. When he gets steadier, you'll get more comfortable, and will be able to back off a bit. All I can say is, determine the difference quickly between when he has scared himself and when he has hurt himself. Then you can be more comfortable being a couple feet away.

  2. Superbaby is going to be out-running you very soon.

    Regarding nursing...Rainbow bites at the beginning, end and in between. I simply plug his nose and he usually lets go...sometimes he calls my bluff. Maybe Superbaby did it by accident, so there's not much that can be planned for that.

    I don't think there's any advice for the messy and (sometimes) cute bumps and falls. A gate will do well, but soon they learn how to maneuver out of those as well.

    He will be steadier on his feet than you expect...we are a no carpet and few rugs family because of allergies...we had hardwood, lots of winding stairs and no gates or anything and Amira was running after Iman at 10 months (no holding back).

    What we have done now for Rainbow is corner off a section just for him, (I could send a pic). As he is learning to steady himself he will hang out there...later when he is more sturdy he can wander a bit.

    Superbaby will be's you I am worried about, lol...hang in there.

  3. Superbaby is doing amazingly!! You have to post updated pics of the sweet little man!
    Love, Fran

  4. So great to hear that everyone in the Super Family is doing super!

  5. I was reading your tweets talking about the eclipse and was so jealous! I love an eclipse! What a fun time!

    Glad all is going swimmingly...that walking stage is rough, because they start out as weeble wobbles and it's just plain scary! I'll send extra thoughts your way! ;)

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  7. Baby proof what you can, move the rugs if you want and say some prayers. ;D

    P scared the hell out of me EVERYDAY when she started being mobile (which was early, just like Superbaby). We had several bumps and bruises and scrapes, which absolutely broke my heart but truly, she was (and is) fine. I think it's just part of it! :) Now she's running around like she's a big kid!

    Glad it's going so well. 8 months!? Time is flying, Mama!

  8. Stopping from Salma's rainbow's blog. Glad that I found you. Will swing very often.

    Hugs and kisses to superbaby.


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