Monday, June 6, 2011

Squash, 33 weeks 2 days

A few very "important" updates (laughing)...

Made squash for Superbaby, he LOVES it! Still liking smooth pureed foods so far, tried alittle chunky not having it, yet.

Talking like crazy, his first word will be Daddy I think.

Almost sitting without falling forward. Standing up from sitting position very well and often now. Seems he wants to just take off.

Two bottom teeth in. Teething seems to be better now. How long before the top two come in?

Looks like his eyes will not be all green, but a light hazel maybe? We'll see. Could be green hazel? Or maybe green still? Should know in next few months huh?

Still co-sleeping. The crib is just for show and the occasional nap. Been thinking about trying to put him in Pack N Play at end of our bed at night, not sure though. If we don't transition him soon, its going to be very hard, I know.

Can babies eat watermelon?

What foods cause constipation? Rice, potatoes, peas- yes/no? What else?

He grunts alot while eating. No its not reflux, just noises, its weird man. But cute too.

Yeah! Got some takers on my cute bay of the week idea. See cute baby Adam? He is Lynne's baby born in England in January of this year. If your kids are not babies anymore, you can still submit their baby pictures (waiting for you Kristin).

Super S had Superbaby listening to and watching Pink Floyd videos today. It was Floyd partyy minus the party favors. He really seemed to like those crazy videos too. Too funny! His music introduction thus far: jazz, flamenco and Floyd!


  1. Frozen watermelon was great (in a mesh teething sac) when my twins were teething. Now they just eat it in chunks and oh how my boy loves it. Be careful though, if they eat a lot (which Superbaby won't now, but someday) that diaper will be wet wet wet.

    Top teeth are supposed to be about a month or two after bottom teeth, but one of my twins got them as bottom-top-top-bottom and the other one was top-top-bottom-bottom! You never know.

  2. We had such a problem with constipation when we introduced the rice cereal. I think from then one, everything she ate was mixed with applesauce or some sort of fruit. It was hard to achieve the delicate balance for my daughter's little intestinal tract!

  3. We waited a full three months after first two bottom teeth to get the matching top ones. Now we're up to 7 at 11 months.

    We had serious constipation issues and were told to avoid rice cereal, apples, and bananas. And she grunted like crazy when she ate at that age too. :)

  4. He sounds like he is doing fabulously!

  5. Butterfly used to (wow, I suddenly realize she doesn't do it anymore!) make an old man's grunting noise while eating, so funny..


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