Sunday, May 21, 2006

DAY 15 & 16

Yesterday went fine. We got there at 12 noon or so, they took me right away. I was wheeled into operating room, given anethesia and was finished in like 15 minutes S. said. All i remember is the mask I was breathing into was bothering me so bad, I remember telling the doctor...then...thats it, I woke up in my room next to S.

Had to relax a few hours, was a bit dizzy but ok. The doctor told us he got 35 eggs, well not eggs, but hopefully there are good eggs in the 35 he collected. He seemed very pleased. I am taking an antibiotic and some progestrone now.

Tuesday we will go back for the embryo transfer, unless we hear from them. They said if we don't get a call from them, its good, and just to come Tuesday. So I sure hope we don't hear from them.

So that was it.....not too bad at all.

We are excited and nervous for Tuesday as you can imagine. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.....

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