Saturday, May 6, 2006

The doctor called

The doctor called about an hour ago, said the second medication has arrived at his office. We will pick it up tomorrow. See, the doctor was nice to order for us to save a few pounds as opposed to us buying from the pharmacy directly. This medication is four viles and two powders that have to be mixed and injected intramuscularly. The other medication, which I started today, comes ready in a seringe. I inject half of the seringe each day, well not me, but you know what I mean.
Not sure if you know, S. went to primary school with this doctor. The both of them were always the top two in their class S. told me. He is the same doctor, who with another doctor, performed the removal of my right fallopian tube in January, very, very kind and nice he is. I like him.
All night I have been siting here thinking, could it really be possible? Could we really be on our way, the possibilty of having a baby in nine months or so? It would be a miracle, and insha Allah, God Willing, it can happen...

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