Friday, May 12, 2006


Well Day 7 was excellent and encouraging for us to say the least.

We went to the doctor, he did an ultrasound, the follicles are growing as they should. I had a good amount in each ovary and their size is as it should be. He told me to continue with both injections and I will see him again on Sunday for another ultrasound. When the follicles increase in size a little bit, he will decrease the injections. Once they reach the optimum size and amount, he will do extraction and fertilization.

He said everything is progressing as it should, exactly as it should be.

What a relief- to know that these injections are working, is so cool!

When we arrived at his office, their was a couple there...they just delivered twins on their first attempt at IVF. The doctor said this was "kheyr", like a good sign for us...I know he is right.


  1. Lucky Seven (7) One Whole week
    already. Stay steady. Relax
    (yeah, stickin her like a pin
    cushion and I come up with relax!)

    Thanks for keeping us all informed.

    Inshallah, all will go as God wants.
    More Ovaltine Pleaz

  2. Thanks so much Ovaltine guy! I am glad you are reading and keeping up with us here, means alot to us!


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