Friday, May 26, 2006

DAYS 19 - 21

Well its been 3 days since the transfer. I have been indoors since Tuesday, and will maybe venture back out into the world today, we'll see.

I am feeling good, can't say that I feel different at all really. I do hope that those little embryos are growing and doing well, boy do I wish so.

These two weeks are going to be long, I can feel it now. But you know, I am just not going to think about it and wish for the best, if its meant for us it will be.

Just wanted to say hey and all is well. Have a great weekend wherever you are.....

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  1. AsSalaamu alaikum! Yo!..don't think about what is to occur, not good. Get your mind on something,
    yeah it is hard, but it is better for you both. Go to the cinema,
    watch a drive by shooting, oh yeah, they don't have them there.
    Be Presidential, read a book, oops..he doesn't/can't read. Do visits to family..Walk in the park.
    What ever occurs, I am very proud of you two..Ovaltine pleaz


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