Monday, May 29, 2006

DAY 24

The photo to the left is an ultrasound of twins at 4 weeks...I hope I can post such a picture someday soon....

Well just 9 more days until preg test day... They will go fast, yeah right, but actually the time is passing rather quickly...

I found a really cool site that describes fetal development week by week, you can view it at
The website is dedicated, it seems, to GE ultrasound techniques, but has some really great info for expecting mothers. There is just so MUCH info out there, what did we do before the internet, I don't remember.

All else okay. Just hoping for good news June 7th, God how I am praying for this news, that at least one little embryo has decided to stay in its place. God Willing, it will.

As my dear sister, a special friend from Tempe commented yesterday, that if I am pregnant, I should get used to these feelings, oh believe me I WILL. I am not complaining at all, as I said, if we are lucky enought to get pregnant, believe me, all this is worth it and what is to come I can bear insha Allah. Its just so different and all this is new.

You know, when you are going through this, you think you are alone, not alone, but I mean you can't imagine HOW MANY others are experiencing the same situation and lots of time so much worse, with many problems, etc. I feel lucky really, I haven't had too hard a time, this is our first try, I know. I have read so many blogs with so many IVF trys...its so sad for these ladies.

Of course I hope it will work for us this first try. We'll see, but we know if it is meant for us now, it will be. Its really out of our hands now....we did our part.

Thanks all for your beautiful comments, it means so much to me that you care so much and have us in your thoughts....Friends are awesome and make life a pleasure really! Kisses and hugs to you all......

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  1. AsSalaamu alaikum....nine and counting! I predict three (3)..
    get three (3) names ready. Two
    boys and a girl. Your read it here first. big O


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