Friday, November 13, 2009

Just realized its Friday the 13th

Hey. Been missing in non-action. Have not commented all week, have not posted since my immune test results. Just been around. Nothing exciting at all going on, just here.

Getting ready to travel next month, trying to think of all the things I want to bring along, or not. I go lightly as I have to pack my bags comin home. Earlier this year I paid for an extra bag and my two aloted free bags were overweight so paid for those too. Not trying to have that happen again. Good news is I am approaching Elite status with one of my frequent flyer cards so I think i may get away with free bags in the near future.

I texted Dr. K and sent him my test results via email, haven't heard back from him. Which is unusual, so if I don't hear from him by Monday I will call him. I want to see if he wants me to start anything while I'm gone or wait until I get back.

Man, not working sucks, just wanted to share that.

Hope your Friday the 13th is going well, I'm off to bed. Peace.....


  1. My Friday the 13 was crazy just like I thought it would be. You can always tell when there's either a full moon or when it's Fri 13 based on how nutzo my students are. xoxo

  2. Envious of your travel view is that you should always take an empty bag on any trip, so you can bring stuff back!

  3. Hope you hear back from your doc so you can finalize plans. Good luck getting ready for your trip.

  4. I would love to travel now, I support the one empty bag theori, I always do that also, so that I can buy new clothes and food. When I lived abroud it was mostly food I missed I took back. You can always wash your clothes during the travel, usally cheaper then paying for extra weight.

  5. Yeah, I "realized" it was Friday the 13th at about the same time you did.. and here is how it went:
    mother: Do you know what's today's date?
    me: The 19th? [yeah, very bad on the dates thing, unless I have something schedulaed..], err, no it's the 12th. Oh, wait, it's the 13th!
    mother: And do you know what day it is? [yes, she had to feed me].
    me: [thinking omg it is someone's birthday and I forgot, or an anniversary, or what exactly are we celebrating? In the end I got it :-) ].

  6. I love Friday the 13th - mine was all good! Where you travelling to?


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