Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The results are in...

Here are the results of my immune testing. I have not yet talked to Dr. K about them. I plan to contact him with the results before I travel in case he wants me to start any treatment while travelling.

Here goes...

1. Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANA)- POSITIVE (Nucleolar)

2. Antithyroid Antibodies
Antithyroglobulin- NEGATIVE
Antimicrosomal- NEGATIVE

3. Anti-Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgM)- 4.4 MLU/ml

4. IgA Level (serum)- 237.7 mg/dl

5. IgE Level (total)- 18.8 IU/ml

6. IgG Level (serum)- 1173.1 mg/dl

7. Anti-Cardiolipin Antibodies (IgG)- 39.2 GLU/ml

8. IgM Level (serum)- 273.4 mg/dl

9. Immunophenotyping CD56- 14.7%

By my quick observation all seem okay with the exceptions of :

number 1-ANA being positive
number 7- Anti-Cardiolipin Antibodies IgG is high
number 8- IgM level seems to be a bit on the high side

All this according to the reference range this lab lists.

Those of you who have had experience with immune testing/treatment any comments?


  1. Hmm..I have positive ANAs also - leading to 2 miscarriages in a row. My fertility doctor put me on heparin/aspirin for most of the first trimester, and I had a successful pregnancy. My regular OB/GYN felt this was an excessively agressive approach to the problem, but I don't like to argue with success, and she never had anything useful to say. So I switched to a much better OB/GYN.

    That doctor sent me to a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, because elevated ANAs can be (note: CAN be, not are) an indicator for lupus or other autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases can cause premature aging of the placenta, thus I had MUCH monitoring during the pregnancy (i.e. ultrasounds. all the time.)

    I know nothing about the IgG or IgM levels - although Wikipedia says something about IgG levels being associated with lupus also. If you want the name of the doctor I used (who will do phone consults, or respond on the clinic's message board), let me know.

  2. Thanks areyoukddingme. Yes I too have read that these are indicators that COULD point to Lupus or other issues, but do not mean I have Lupus or anything else for that matter, lets hope not. I think some more testing would be needed to determine that. Thanks again and I am sending you an email now. xoxoxo

  3. Wishy, please think about posting a blurb on LFCA..I bet you'll find someone like "areyoukiddingme" that has similar test results or knowledge about this..possibly some doctors. Hugs to you!!!

  4. I have ANA and ANC. I too am advised to take baby aspirin. I also need to take a blood thinner like Love.nox.

  5. no idea, but I sure hope you are able to get some answers w/ these results. fingers crossed whatever is going on can be "fixed" or "treated"!

  6. Maybe this is the start of your answers. I only know about immune system issues from a peripheral point of view. It sounds like areyoukiddingme gave you some good info.

  7. Interesting shit. I had a weird Protein S come back on mine, but my doctor said don't worry. This IVF we threw everything at it, including putting me on Lovenox at transfer. In the "can't hurt" category.

    So if your doctor teeters on what course to put you on, push to the can't hurt (well you know, for the most part) category.

    That's my input. Wish I had more info.

  8. i don't know, but i'm really hoping these results help the doctors customize your treatment so you get your BFP ASAP. hugs!

  9. I stumbled upon you today, but Im fascinated with your journey, and rooting you on. I am finally glad to meet people, or rather friends, that share some of my similar issues. I will be thinking of you.

  10. ooowwwie....MY IgG - IgM levels had led me on to the path of Anti-Koch's for six months...I think you should dig deeper on that...

    I am on ASA and Metformin...and if and when I get preggers, I would have to continue it in the first trimester...

  11. HI Wishing,

    Yay for results!

    1. You should have further testing to rule out lupus with a pos ANA.

    2. You need to be on clexane (lovenox) for ANA as it can cause clotting. ANA can also target the nucleus of the cell - you might need to be on prednisone.

    3. I *think* all those Igg etc are types of ACA which look elevated. Again, clexane. I would post these results on the Yahoo RI boards (where all the experts live :)) for an opinion.

    4. Am curious what does your lab report say about the immunophenotype - is that CD56 in range? If not then it means your natural killer cells are elevated.



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