Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just low dose aspirin for now

Just talked to Dr. K. He said to continue low dose asprin for now. In January when we start IVF cycle, he said we will add some things before transfer.

This man goes beyond being our RE, he is truly a good man and a good friend.

I want to bring him something really special back from US any ideas?


  1. Maybe a kokopelli statue of some sort? He's like your personal kokopelli - fertility god - with how helpful and wonderful he is.

  2. so glad you have an RE that you trust and love. :)

    i like the idea of the fertility god. my acupuncturist gave me this beautiful egg made out of some gorgeous stone to symbolize what's to come. i will take a pic and post to my blog. maybe something like that?

  3. If there's some particular specialty from wherever you're visiting, I would try to bring that. However, I usually find that the specialty is food, which doesn't always travel well.

  4. I took asprin this cycle and have a friend who fell pregnant after 17 transfers using asprin. So I hope and pray it helps for you! :-) You are fortunate to have such a wonderful RE - he sounds like a great doctor and person. I have no idea what you could give him, but a specialty item from the area you are visiting is a good idea!

  5. It's great that you have such a good RE - maybe think about something he likes to do in his "off" time (if he ever has any) and buy him something for that?


  6. I like Kym's idea. He sounds like a wonderful person.

  7. That's great you have such a wonderful RE.
    I'm with areyoukiddingme on the gift.

  8. yes, something maybe they don't have in Egypt, like pecan pralines or something. :) or, I love the fertility idol idea.

    sounds like a very nice man, glad you found him.


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