Thursday, September 17, 2009

CrAzY week in Cairo

Its been a week of ups and downs. Emotionally torturing I will admit. Why? Not sure really. Well maybe its seeing all the parents and their children get ready for Eid al Fitr. This time of year the kids get new clothes and toys and fun treats and presents (think Christmas).

Maybe too it was holding so many cute little babies and seeing precious little ones everywhere. When we visit, when we have guests, at the market, walking, kids are just everwhere. I know I have mentioned before that Cairo is an especially kid-oriented place and so many things are focused around this these lucky little people. It doesn't always make me sad, its not like I am down and cry everytime I see a child, not at all. On the contrary, it makes me happy to see children. But I think with fasting, and trying my best to be especially spiritual this month I am more emotional than usual maybe?

So today Super S tells me his sister called. She had a client who is an RE, so she called Super S and put him the phone with this doctor. They talked for awhile, the doctor asked Super S what type of treatments of we have tried, how long etc, etc. His practise is like an hour and a half outside Cairo but said if we wanted to try a new doctor or center for IVF he would recommend and guide us. He said he even makes trips to Cairo to work in some IVF centers.

The same sister called our home later, Super S was not home. She told me after the doctor got off the phone with Super S, he said to her "Is he a doctor? He is the most imformed patient I have ever talked to!" Thats my boy!

See here, it seems people are not so informed when it comes to their health. I mean they leave EVERYTHING in the hands of the doctor and don't question much. (I am sure not everyone, but many people it seems are this way). Of course, Super S and I are so.not.this.way. Dr. Google is a part of the family and we research everything and always have tons of questions.

So Super S wants to try again. I want to try again. I am so scared and am not prepared yet to be let down again. I will get there, I always do, but must get my butt in gear if we are going to try another cycle. No stock pile on ice, will start from scratch.

Here's the dilema.....

We have had 3 IVF cycles that included 7 failed transfers, all done at the same center, with same RE. Its convenient for us, not too far (remember Cairo traffic is beyond words) and I like all the doctors and this center too.

We talked about switching to a new doctor, but the centers that we would consider are far away and a hell of a drive. And you know how often we have to go in during a cycle.

Are we crazy for thinking of convenience? I mean shouldn't we be willing to go to the ends of the earth for this?

We are willing, but we both agreed that the doctors and center we have been with are darn good and have a fabulous success rate. No matter how many things we try to question, did they do this right, could they have done it this way... it is ultimately in the Hands of God no matter what RE or center we go to. This we are sure of and this is what keeps us hopeful when it feels like you can't have any hope at all.

After we meet with my RE and discuss maybe a different approach/protocol if any needed, we both feel good with this and will try again, same place I think.

I'll let you know when the fun begins, again.


  1. I'll be supportive of whatever you decide, but I definitely think some discussion is in order with your current RE on what has happened in the past with your transfers. Of course, you are right, God can do anything! So it is always a dilemma..and you can use your SIL's client to help you through the cycle and bounce questions off of after you talk to your RE. But I do read quite often of when people change clinics or protocols..and things work. Sending you love and hugs.

  2. If you are sticking here and the main reason is distance, then perhaps consider the other one. If that other clinic has lower success rates, etc then stick with this one. It's a difficult decision to make. Eid is tough. They have a children's fair on the day here with balloons and horse rides, and all that fun stuff- its not easy to sit there with people who have kids while you smile and pretend this isn't slicing your heart in two. *hugs* hang in there.

  3. The traveling can really change the mood...especially in Cairo, but I don't know if convenience is best. Is it stupid to tell you to pray about it? (Not assuming you haven't been praying), BUT, perhaps,salat al-Istikhara.

    As always sending lots and lots of baby dust your way.

  4. I don't really have any advice on which clinic to chose but I want to wish you luck and tell you I'm hoping and praying it works this time around.

  5. It sounds like a good idea to stick with the one you've got especially after an open discussion about what to do differently. Keeping my fingers crossed that this cycle is THE ONE :)

  6. I think convenience is an important issue. After all as you said you are going to go there very often. Of course it is not every thing, but you do say it's a good clinic with a great success rate. Maybe you can try going a different approach.
    But on the other hand.. I do get the wanting to try something new, a new place. We have a saying about changing places - changing luck.
    Not much help here...
    Anyway, wishing you all the luck in the world!

  7. You know I'm not an advice person, heck, Daver often tells me that I don't have many opinions, because I don't. No, actually, he's right, I don't. I'll pray on it for you rather than advise you.


    Love you, Wishy.

  8. If you could do monitoring locally and only travel for retrieval and transfer it would be worth considering the new place, but long travel every day really wears on you (even more than IVF already does).

    So funny that I posted today's Thoughtful Thursday about "what kind of patient are you?" before I read your post. We are on the same wavelength today!

  9. It's a big decision full of pros and cons. In the end you have to do what feels right to you and Super S. I'll be here cheering you along the way!

  10. Would you consider staying somewhere near the "new" clinic while cycling to relieve the travel stress? I think a new set of eyes can't hurt anything. I know you will weigh it all out and make the best decision for you and Super S. Right here with you for the next leap!

  11. Great suppportive comments. I was going to say exactly what Lost in Space said. I agree wholeheartedly with LIS. Make it a vacation. Stay at a nice place that is near by while cycling. I will even offer to pay for it for you guys. You both are 3 and a big O with the current clinic. You return there and they will do what they have done before. Just maybe, a new clinic just might be more attentive and who knows. Time for a change, most definitely. To me it is a no brainer. Take me up on my offer.
    Florenzo in Phoenix


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