Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cairo 2am... cooking!

Hey, i'm cooking again. I know you  are so tired of hearing about this, sorry. But thats most of what this month is about. Well not most, but a big part.

Tomorrows head count- 2 adults and one college aged girl, i dig that number.

Anyway i promise to write late this week about something other than cooking.

Miss you all and will catch up soon. xoxoxoxo


  1. Ooooh, cooking! What kinds of yummy things are you making?

  2. Cooking rocks! Please share more recipes!

  3. Mmmmm food! I say you post pictures! No fair teasing us with just the TALK of cooking. Enjoy your time in the kitchen and with friends.

  4. I agree, I'd love to see pictures of all this food :)
    Have fun!

  5. :-)

    *secretly scribble my name in the invites*

  6. Did you take any pix of the huge spread from last week?


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