Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back pain treatment Cairo style

Super S has suffered with sciatic back pain on and off for years. It hasn't been around for a few years then all of sudden Super S decides to pull up some monster tree roots and of course it came back.

His self-treatment is usually leg exercises, his laying on a rolled up towel (suggested my chiropractor years ago, and it works) but for past week its gotten so bad he decided he had to go to the doctor.

So Thursday was his first session at a physical therapist/chiropractor. The doctor, a nice young guy, did a combination of TENS ( Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), Ultrasonic Sound Wave treatment and chiropratic adjustments.

While he had Super S on the TENS unit, he put an ultraviolet red light I think it was, above his back and over the TENS pads on his back and butt. I was in the room with Super S as well and the doctor warned me, while pointing at the light "harmful to the eyes, do not look at it." Poor Super S looked like he was baking, i took pic with his mobile but I dare not post it, LOL.

Anyway, so after the doctor started the TENS session he yelled out to his nurse "bring the ultra sonic gel and a vibrator..." We died. We.really.died. I'm not sure what he meant by vibrator, but one never came, thank God.

He admitted later in Arabic to Super S that his English was not strong and that he was surprised he could understand me as I talked very slow and clear and that was helpful.

I understood what he was saying to Super S so I answered him I do that on purpose so I am easier to understand. I so wanted to tell him not to use the word vibrator as in English it is understood to be something I am so sure he was not asking for. Of course I didn't.

So his second session was Friday and the doctor wrote a prescription for an injection (anti-inflammatory  and pain relief) and and after Super S took it he is alot better. He will go for an MRI on Wednesday. The cost 1,600LE, approximately $291.00. I found out too that they do digital mammography, cost is 1,000LE, about $182.00. Gotta love cash prices without insurance company inflation interference.

Eid Mubarak, Kol am wentu bekheyr, Shana Tova and Happy Holidays to all of you celebrating them now.


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Vibrator! I'm crying, I'm laughing so hard!

    I hope that Super S' back feels better, soon. My husband had TENS treatment and he said he was so relaxed that he feel asleep. Makes me want one ;o)

  2. I would have laughed so hard at the vibrator incident. HILARIOUS!

    What an enormous cost difference! That makes me ill. I had an MRI done recently and it was no where near $300.

    I hope he feels better soon.


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