Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tragedy is everywhere

Reading my Google News this morning and happen upon this sad story in San Francisco, California. In all ways a disaster, so sad. How is it that people like this do not think about the children they have, how can  they put their kids into a car with a person who is not sober, and no car seats too?


Also another sad story is about Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter, who may not survive the accident she had on a treadmill.

If you're a parent please be responsible, please. I promise I will if I ever become a mom.


  1. Yes, many incredible stories happen on this earth.....
    It is not easy to raise kids and they don't remain cute babies forever; troubles come the older they get and some people remain like kids somehow and act unreasonable...who will ever understand?!
    Yes, I will sure show off the shorty when it is ready. I have no real use for it; my sons are about 30 and obviously too big for it, ha!
    So I will probably sell it one day, but it is fun to make, especially as I did my own design; only took the basic idea from Ravelry.
    ♪♫✿ ☀
    Have e nice evening

  2. Good Morning!
    Now the shorties are almost done ☀
    and a nomination is waiting for you in my blog;
    just have a look ☀
    Enjoy, enjoy and have a fine day ☀
    Beatrice with
    Northern Greetings

  3. oh, those stories.
    the preventable ones are the worst.

  4. I couldn't even finish reading the first article, I just don't want to cry right now. Soo sad.


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