Monday, May 25, 2009

Secrets anyone?

So i was reading Niobe's blog today and totally stole from her this idea. Its kinda crazy huh, but I find it so interesting. (And it has nothing to do with my upcoming transfer nor the sadness in our family now, and I needed to post something totally unrelated, just because.)

It reminds me of a website I check out once in awhile where people send in anonymous confessions or a secret on a postcard.

Why do we like to read anonymous confessions? Why are people obsessed with real life sins and secrets being exposed by the ones who actually commit or keep them?  Don't know, but thought I would try it here and see what we get. I too will post a secret or two or three among yours.

There is no way to track any of these, please choose to post anonymously and lets see what we shall see, shall we?


  1. I put all types of things in our food. My husband is super picky. As soon as he leaves the room - celery salt, garlic, onion powder, whatever....spices galore...right into the pot. He eats all kinds of stuff he will tell you he HATES - but trust me, he loves it.

  2. I always yell at DH about peoples ethnicity. He will say something about someone being "Chinese" and I will fuss at him and say, "Obviously, they are from Taiwan!! Gah! You are SO insensitive." He thinks I can tell what country someone is from just by glancing at them. I can't. I do it to him to drive him nuts. We have been together nine years and he still hasn't figured me out yet.

  3. I constantly have thoughts of an exboyfriend who was an addict and an abuser. But the sex was amazing. I miss that so much.

  4. Once made a confession to a priest that I said a swear word, i was 9 nine years old. How i wish my confessions now could be that simple.

  5. I'm married, and I haven't had sex in 3 months.

  6. When I married my husband I was not in love with him.


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