Sunday, May 31, 2009

IVF Pregnancy Due Date Calculators

My internet has been down last few days, all is good now, not sure what was up?

It has been 9 days so far of wonderful pill taking, prepping my lining for my babies. It is going well actually, not too bitchy actually and I feel ok, other than the occasional crapping and headaches which are sweet.

I think I will see Dr. Polite on the 4th, then the transfer should be a few days later if all looks well. We have only four frozen embabies, the last from IVF#3 . So this will be transfer number 7 and the first since being tubeless in Cairo. Ya Raab, (Oh God) let this be it!


As always I wanted to update the AMAZING pregnancy calculators that provides.

In this update you can find the following calculators:

IVF Due Date and Fetal Development
For fresh IVF and ICSI cycles.

FET (3-day embryo) Due Date and Fetal Development
For FET's with 3-day embryos.

FET (5-day embryo) Due Date and Fetal Development
For FET's with 5-day embryos.

Natural Pregnancy Due Date and Fetal Development
For natural pregnancy, inputting start of LMP (last menstrual period).


  1. Your in my thoughts and prayers, girl. :)


  2. This has just gotta be it. It has to. (((HUGS)))

  3. I so wish you the best of luck, girl!

  4. Good lining wishes! Hope the prep goes well & you hatch one healthy little babe. Best of luck!


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