Monday, March 9, 2009

Show and Tell: FREE COFFEE!

No, I am not breaking Mel's Show and Tell rules here by semi-advertising here. I got her personal permission to do this different sort of Show and tell thank you very much. (Thanks Lolli!)

Of course don't forget to go check out the rest of the kids showing this weekend. There is some really great stuff!

So here's the deal.

A friend of a very good friend is launching a new coffee pod. He is GIVING AWAY FREE PODS to get feedback before he launches retail. He even pays shipping!

He is a really great guy and we so want him to succeed, so go get some free coffee and give him your opinion after. And I mean come on with a name like liQuid heaVen its gotta be good stuff! (Love the name!)

The only requirements for to get your FREE COFFEE POD are this....

1. you have a one cup coffee maker (although he says you could seep pod in hot water)
2. you drink your coffee with a flavored creamer
3. you like to get free stuff
4. you will go back to his blog and/or email him your honest opinion after drinking it
5. you wont judge his blog design as his designs are under production now
6. you dont care about fancy packaging (reason being same as number 5 above)

That's it. Go try some. Just visit his blog, liQuid heaVen Coffee and click on the cool black and white labels directing you to FREE COFFEE in post at top of his blog.

I haven't tried it yet, as most of you know from reading my blog, mail here is IMPOSSIBLE unless its FE.D.E.X. Maybe he would pick up FE.D.EX cost and send me a pod or two? I'll let you know.


  1. Too bad it can't be teleported immediately.
    Good luck to him!

  2. I think he should definitely FedEx you some!
    I don't have a one cup coffee maker unfortunately :( But good luck to him!

  3. Love the post...and I want to admit that I won't be becoming a candidate for the free coffee...coz I am overseas.

    I just saw a picture on your sidebar that said...Processing...Attempting to give a damn...Too cool!

  4. Yummy coffee!
    Thanks for the visit and entry in my silly contest.
    LOL about your blogs background, such great taste you have.

  5. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!


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