Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Happy Megan Joy!

I know! I did not tell you that we are getting American Idol, Season 8, yes the current one, here in Cairo on Thursday and Friday nights! Usually we get shows a year later, but this time we get it the same week as broadcast in the US, just on two different days.

And no, this will not be an idol blog at all, i will comment occasionally, (because no one else I know, except for DH here watches it ) but I leave the proper spanking to Stefanie at Baby on Bored, she recaps it for real each week, not to be missed trust me.

So we just finished watching the 3 who made it from final set of 12 and the Wild card show, loved it! I am such a fan of Megan Corkrey, she is my favorite! Shes quirky, cute and I love her little crazy dances. Will she win, proably not, but she will get a record deal for sure. I loved her rendition of "Put Your Records On" maybe even a bit better than Corinne's original, ok not better, but loved her twist, and her "twists" too.


  1. I've never really watched AI, but perhaps I will try for this girl. And I really like CBR.

  2. I like the way Megan sounds but those dances she was doing were so weird and looked a bit like spasms. :) I do hope she goes far. I have stopped watching the singing show and will only watch the show where they kick people off.

    My fav is Danny, I hope he wins the whole thing.


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