Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where do i live?

I thought nothing could top the yellow stickers, but then again I have to remember where I live. I mean literally remember now.

Our house number has been changed. In fact all the houses on our street have had their house numbers changed. As in a completely new house number. Not even close to original number either.

How you ask?  I have no idea. I will be on the phone tomorrow hoping to find an English speaking person so I can let loose. If not DH will let it rip in Arabic.

So I was outside, i opened our front gate and found a wrought iron address post on the ground in front of our gate. Its the kind you attach to a house, so it is viewed from both sides, like hanging, hard to explain... but you get the idea.

Anyway when I found this outside our gate, I looked across the street and to our neighbors, there were guys inside the gates of each house hanging these signs up.

DH found the security guy on our street and asked him wtf was going on? He says house numbers have been changed to reflect even on one side, odd on the other. Um, genius idea, but isn't it a little late for that as people have lived here for a few years now and established all sorts of things with their address? (except for mail cause we don't get any here...)  And what do we do with our house numbers now? Some people have customized address plaques on their outside pillars and on their houses, so i know they are feeling good right about now too. Not to mention there was no notice at all telling us this would happen, had we not been home we would have come home and found this new address up on our house. DH told security we will NOT put this up. So he brought it inside and there it will stay until we find out what the heck is going on.

Man, i swear things here are so unbelievable and just when I think i can't be floored again, they amaze me with some sweet plan like this. Love it! I'll let you know what I find out...


  1. That's so crazy!! Only in Egypt, eh?
    Well, hopefully it's a good number.

  2. That is bizarre! Maybe changing your number will change your luck.

  3. The people with customized address plaques should arrange a trade to give their plaque to the new house with that number. Unless their name is on the customized plaque, then they should arrange to trade houses instead.

  4. It sounds like a waste of energy to attempt to make sense of this.


    Some bureaucrat is probably trying to justify his existence.

    (P.S. Do you live in Maadi?)

  5. How weird! I can't understand why they would do that. You should tell them there's an economic crisis and it's probably cheaper just to leave the numbers as is. :)

  6. Very frustrating! I would be just as angry.

  7. Wow...that is very interesting. Although, I wish they would change my address and then I'd have a good reason to not pay the bills that get sent to me! :)

    Hope you're doing ok :)

  8. You need a numerologist to help you come up with some great digits! ;-)

  9. Hey, the same thing happened here a few years ago in Vermont. We did get notice though. They had to give us real numbers so 911 could find us out in the boonies. Our addressed changed from 3434 to 441? Made a lot of sense.

  10. How strange!! The no warning part is even more weird.......


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