Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We had an earthquake...

I was reading this online article today, I called my husband to show it to him.

Strong earthquake rattles Cairo

CAIRO: Cairo residents were woken by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake which struck Egypt Tuesday morning at 6:26 am.

The earthquake affected Cairo as well as its surrounding governorates.

According to news reports, it originated 561 km northwest of Alexandria in the seismically active Mediterranean belt area, at a depth of 32 km.

“This earthquake is of average power, it happens thousands of times,” Salah Mohamed Mahmoud, head of the National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysics, told Daily News Egypt.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed to Daily News Egypt that no casualties or serious property damages were reported.

“We may experience weaker aftershocks, nothing destructive though,” Mahmoud added.

A statement by the Athens Geodynamic Institute said the earthquake struck at 6:26 am (03:26 GMT) with its epicenter located 445 km southeast of Athens, beneath the seabed south of Rhodes.

It left one dead in Greece.

The US Geological Survey also confirmed the quake at 6.4 on the Richter scale. Magnitudes often differ in the first hours and days after an earthquake.

A Greek earthquake expert told NET TV that the earthquake may cause a small tsunami, but stressed it would be very weak if its center was deep.

However, Mahmoud said that a real tsunami was out of the question: “What may happen is the generation of small sea waves which can be felt by boats.”

Greece is one of the most seismically active countries in the world. Its earthquakes are usually felt by residents in the northern part of Egypt but most of them do not cause damage or injuries.

A geological study conducted by Egyptian geologist Taha Mohamed Aboul-Azayem recently warned that in the coming few years, Cairo might be subject to three destructive earthquakes that could measure up to seven degrees on the Richter scale.

So my husband says "yeah, don't you remember me asking you yesterday morning, 'why are you shaking the bed?' " I was like huh?

It was 6:30AM so i was sleeping and don't remember a thing- but he felt it!

I am happy to report we have no damage at all in Cairo, but thought it so funny, not funny, but strange as he felt it. I kind of wish I had too. I know weird, but i feel left out. Kidding.


  1. Glad to read your alright. I don't like being left out either. Maybe next time you'll catch it.

  2. So glad that you guys are ok!

  3. just like california. glad all is well.

  4. Thank God you guys are okay!

    I am really glad to find your blog too. I love the pictures!

  5. I'm glad you are alright. I nearly slept through my first one too, but the rolling would not stop and I nearly fell out of bed. (:

  6. Wow!! Glad you guys are ok!!!!!!!

  7. Glad to hear you were unaffected!

  8. Wow! Glad you guys are ok!

    I've never lived somewhere that has earthquakes...I would be scared to death!?!

  9. Hola chica!!! Where ya been? I'm missin you!

    I started an IVF blog... :)

    Take care & hope to "see" you back on the net soon!


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