Sunday, July 20, 2008

All is good, but busy

Yes I am still here, yeah aren't you glad? What if I wasn't, would you be able to make it through the week without readin one of my winner posts? No you would not, of course not.

Been busy this week. Our newly married friends were here and we were busy busy being tour guides for their short 4 day stay here in Cairo. It was great to see them and we had a blast. I plan to post a Show and Tell later about it.

So thanks for your emails of concern in my absence. Glad to report all is good and I have some really funny news. Its funny to me and exciting at the same time, will need some advice from those of you who have done it before or have a child who has went to it before. Can you guess what it is? NO WAAY, not enough info.

Until later, my awesome woman bloggin freaks...luv ya all!

1 comment:

  1. There you are!!!

    I was starting to get worried....even thought about catching a flight to Cairo and checking on you!

    Glad you're ok...can't wait to see the pics :)


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