Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He will live

It's just after 2AM here, got home from the vet at 1AM.

When we were trying to coax Florenzo into the box to get him in the car, it was as if he knew where we were going. We tried earlier like around 7PM, he ran away and stayed gone for awhile. Then around 9:45pm or so, then he jumped onto the terrace and then onto on of the staircase windows, he is a trip!

We left our house at 10pm, got to vet's location at around 10:30pm, finally found a place to park after many circles around really long blocks, we're talking miles, about 11:15PM. Tried walking into vet's office, which was locked, thank God we had his cell number, called him he was inside, LOL, locked door not sure why? He said he worked until midnight, a slow night maybe?

Anyway Florenzo should be fine in a few days.

Vet said he has a chest infection, and was bit by a dog. He gave him an injection, called it a cocktail, LOL, it had an antibiotic, multi-vitamins and an anti-inflamatory.

He sent us home with a bottle of anitbitoic and we should give it to Florenzo daily for 4 days I think he said. I have the written prescription so will double check. Its a prescription that looks like just one we would get, but just has instructions for medicine he gave us.

I have to say this doctor, Dr. Ashraf was very cool. Spoke English, listened well and seemed like he knew his shit.

Had lots of talking parrots as you walked into his place, they spoke in Arabic, it was too funny!

Anyway, i left my camera in the car so no pics, sorry. But I did manage to snap one of him on the way there. We don't have a carrier for him yet, so we used a regular box that has openings, a file box, and used that to get him in and out of the car.

He sat in the backseat on the way there and on my lap all the way home.

I can't believe how much i really love this litle guy.


  1. Oh YAY! I am *so* glad he's going to be ok. I hate when my furbabies aren't doing well.

  2. Cats are wonderful pets. I have three, which is low for me. I normally foster a bunch more for a local rescue.

    I'm so glad your ickle dude is doing okay.

  3. My baby (dog) is at the vet today....having surgery! I cried when I left her there!

  4. glad he's fine. can't believe your vet works so late!

  5. What a name he has!!! Florenzo!!!!!!!!!!! :) So cute!!!

    I love what you called an injection - a cocktail..remind me if i do start my first ivf cycle then about this cocktail... I'd go to babes, hey wanna cocktail???

  6. I have been out of pocket and still have not been able to read your previous posts (but will!). Just one quick inquiriy - did your vet vaccinate Florenzo for rabies?

  7. I'm glad your kitty is going to be okay!

  8. I sent you an email, but I forgot to say in it that I hope you have a fabulous trip to the Red Sea next week, and I expect pictures!

  9. Glad the little guy is doing better! Don't you feel better knowing now?

  10. So glad Florenzo's going to be OK!

  11. I'm glad he is going to be okay. Pets become part of our family after awhile. We love them almost like we do our children.
    He is a beautiful cat.

  12. I'm glad your baby is ok! :)


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