Friday, May 30, 2008

Saturday come on, get here already!

Just one more day until the test, Saturday, can you believe it? I can't and am sort of nervous, but super anxious as well.

With IVF number 4, i didn't get my period before test date, but felt pregnant and got a negative test. Was totally bummed.

You know, this time, I really feel like our embabies are "grounded" and sticking, I SO HOPE they are. Also too, with the implantation bleeding I think I had, my stomach feeling like something is attached, feeling hungrier...I don't know... I just need to wait.

The one and only time I was pregant was in Jan 2006. I went to see my grandmother, who was very ill, she died while I was in the air on the way to USA. My mother told me a few days before she died, that she said to her "I see INSERT MY REAL NAME sitting in that chair over there with her baby...."

So when i got back here to Cairo and for some strange reason I felt the urge to go to the doctor. (my period was strange that month, brownish not red) but still I had no idea that I could be pregnant.

Anyway when i tested a positive result, I almost fell out right there in doctors office. I gave the paper stating result to DH when we got home and he just about died!

After comfirming that it was ectopic, of course I had to have my tube removed... they said I was 6 weeks.

The ONLY person who knows we are doing IVF other than you guys, is DH's sister. I talked to her today and she said she has this feeling like we are pregnant....


  1. Visiting from NCLM.

    Good luck! I hope it goes well.


    Now *I'm* sending good vibes from here in Chicago!

  3. I'm feelinghopingwishingdreamingpraying that this is finally it for you! Saturday, bring great results with you!

  4. Oh Gosh, I am going to be away from a computer connection on Saturday...aaack. My husband has organized a benefit fishing tournament and i have to help collect the money. I will bring my laptop and drive around until I find a wireless signal. Probably not likely in east Alabama/west Georgia! But I'll be with you in spirit..and your Saturday is technically my Friday so maybe you'll have some news for us earlier than we think!!!!

  5. I hope that Saturday brings you wonderful results!

  6. I so hope that you are! I can't wait to hear the results...when I read the part of your post that said, "on IVF #4...", I thought to myself how you must feel after each one. I thought it was bad after hearing negative on the
    1st. I'm praying you get your baby this time, it's your turn!

  7. Hola!

    I can't imagine how excited you are! I, too, want Saturday to hurry up & come...I will be back here first thing in the morning.

    Praying for good news!!!!!

  8. hi
    I'm here from NaComLeavCom
    My Little Drummer boys

    I wish you all the very best tomorrow. I really do. We did IVF after 12 yrs - #1, FET, #2 so no more
    I am sorry you lost your baby to EP.

    We told so very few people too - self preservation.

  9. Am here from NCLM.

    I'll be lighting a candle for you in church tomorrow.


  10. Positive vibes sent your way....

    Good luck girl!

  11. I'll be crossing everything (even my eyes) for you on Saturday. Good luck!

  12. AHHHH! I want to know too! Can't wait to hear; we'll be here for you either way!


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