Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is how they do it baby

So i watched THE cutest and funniest video on babydustdiaries blog .

I embedded below, its a trip!!! Implantation nation could have been a cool name too, LOL!

A much needed laugh for many of us. Funky music too.


  1. This is too cute! I love it! Thanks for sharing; it makes things seem possible, huh?

  2. that was awesome, I will have to play the anchoring part on for my embies during the next cycle, Apparently, they need a lesson in how to freaking IMPLANT!!!

    GL w your BETA!!

  3. Hahaha...a male friend of mine was wondering how I could NOT have a period but still have ovaries (easy, had an intrauterine ablation because of a bleeding disorder--luckily that didn't set in until after I'd finished having babies)--HE THOUGHT THE BLEEDING WAS ALL FROM THE EGG BEING SHED. The man is 38 YEARS OLD! I may have to forward him this link to clear up any remaining confusion :)

  4. eliza, tried to get to you're blog, can't???

  5. Wouldn't be nice if it was that easy? Great video!

  6. This is so great! Have to go share it now! Here from NCLM!


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