Saturday, May 10, 2008

Egg stimulation anxiety

Woke up this morning, feeling a bit nervous really. Going to the doctor today to see if more follicles have appeared, man I sure hope so! The injections these past few days have been hard. I don't know if its because I've been taking for almost 13 days or so now or what!

I really hope that ultrasound shows lots of follicles and big too. Will report back later after appt.

So don't know if I ever wrote, but we are wanna-be gardeners, LOL. We have really taken an interest in plants and trees and stuff, (I never thought in a million years I would love gardening).

Since we moved into our house almost a year ago now, it seems to occupy most of our time. We are lucky to have a very big yard and have planted lots of pretty flowers and tress and stuff. When we go walking or we are out anywhere, we always observe and comment on the trees and plants and stuff, we laugh at ourselves about it too, but its all good. It's really a relaxing hobby actually.

Our pride and joy is our is AMAZING to see the growth, literally each day there is new leaves and it grows at such a fast rate, very cool.

<------ Here's the latest pic from yesterday... (guitar on chair is DH's he is an awesome player, we always sit under grapevine and he serenades me, LOL!)

Below is what it looked like almost a year ago when we go it... progress huh?

We also just LOVE bogainvillas...they grow here in the hot climate of Egypt so well too. We have like six now, here's one of my favorites..... we also have white and orange and another fuscia one.

So until later, say a prayer for my eggs and hope that they are covered with big, puffy follicles.....xoxoxoxo


  1. wow. For starters, I never imagined egyptian houses to look like that. Secondly, you make me inspired to be a garder- but the scorching mexico heat makes me think twice about baking out in the sun. Third- I wanna be a chef. Thats my little thing.

  2. Hey michelle, i too am a wanna be chef...i LOVE cooking, my other loser project

    You know, not all houses look like ours actually. Cairo is VERY crowded (18 million) and there is very little space. Mostly people live in apartment buildings, there is no parking, its crazy!

    We are fortunate to live in a place just 15 minutes from "regular" Cairo. Its a suburb, so it is spacious and clean and very nice, we LOVE it!


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