Friday, May 23, 2008

Cycle day 28

So i just finished marking my meds and injection for today , yes I keep a daily record in a book. ( I know I am not the only one, am i?)

So i was lauging to myself, as i am not much for numbers, but when you're doing the ivf thang, numbers are important, you can't avoid them EVER!

  • Today is cycle day 28 (the 28th day after the first day of my last period)
  • It is day 10 for my embabies.
  • And in 8 days, including today, I will take a preg test.
So as I said I am trying not to think too much during this 2 week wait, LOL, there you go.


  1. I am a total numbers freak too. Hard not to when you are always counting med amounts and days until each milestone.

    I hope your dreams come true in 8 more days.

  2. I'm praying this works for you!!

  3. Thank you for your comment on my brand-spankin'-new blog! It is funny how small the blogosphere makes the world seem.

    I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you. I hope this is your lucky cycle!! 8 days until your BFP!!!

  4. Sending good 2WW thoughts your way. I'll (hopefully) be starting my 2WW in two days, so I'm gearing up to try and NOT be insane the whole time. Take care.

  5. I hope you get AWESOME news in 8 days: Good luck!

  6. NaComLeavMo

    I did my 7th IVF in March and it was my first blast transfer. It was the shortest but hardest TWW yet. I wish you peace in your wait.


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