Friday, May 23, 2008

The header!!!

What about the new header? Is it AWESOME or what? A friend of mine who is a GENIUS artist did it for me. She is AMAZING and does some incredible work!

What do you guys think about the new background color, like it?


  1. Loving both the header and the color!

  2. Thanks ladies, I too just love it!

    Those feet are really ours and the baby shoes, well, they represent our little girl or boy, we'll just change style if a boy, LOL.

    8 more days and we'll know, God Willing.

  3. Love it, Love it! The background color is easy to read from, and the banner is amazing. I couldn't imagine a better one! It is sooo hard to wait for 8 more days!!!!

  4. Very nice! I think I happened upon your blog from another blog yesterday, and today I almost didn't recognize it - the header is awesome!

  5. I B LOVIN IT!!!

    Im so crazy about it, I nearly lost bladder control. Well maybe not lost bladder control, but its definately unique and Awesome.

    Ive been going through some rollercoaster emotions, but Im getting back on track. When I get a moment to myself, I will write about it. Im traveling right now.

  6. Hey Michelle, so glad to hear something from you. Hoping all is ok and looking forward to you're next post. xoxoxoxo


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