Sunday, May 25, 2008

Is Egypt your dream destination?

I was laying in bed last night thinking about living here in Cairo, Egypt. Its been almost three years now and it is really my home now.

My mother still tells me, when people hear her daugther, ME, lives here the comments are varied, but most being, "wow how cool I have always dreamed of visiting Egypt." And a few being "aren't you worried with all the figthing and war going on over there in that part of the world..." She assures them Egypt is safe, having been here now twice, and we feel nothing of war in surrounding countries thank God.

Anyway, I wanted to ask, have you ever been to Egypt? If so tell us alitle about your experience here.

If you haven't been to Egypt yet, has it or is it a destination you'd like to come to?

Just my little poll for today, LOL! (you can share with us by leaving a comment at the end of this)

I also thought it would be fun to mention some of things I miss back home, in the States, things I always took for granted actually, sadly. I list only some here but I am sure there could be more.....

You may find it interesting, or dumb, but when you don't have them/can't do them, they are missed. So if you enjoy or use/do any of the below, be grateful that you can.

All this being said, however, Egypt is a fabulous place to live, you feel very safe (the most important factor for me and in life generally I think), the weather is awesome year round and people are generally very kind. There is much to explore throughout the country and various cultures are found everywhere.

You can buy almost anything here, Cairo has fabulous shopping, great malls, and little boutiques are everywhere. Most supermarkets, the larger hypermart type, have many products from USA and England so its cool too.

So heres my little list...

1. Being able to talk on phone at anytime to Mom and Dad (webcam is great but not the same)
2. Customer Service 800 numbers for recourse/compliments
3. Franks Red Hot Sauce (i have two bottles now frm a friend, she brought while visiting)
4. All kinds of instant powdered seasoning packets, to help hook up your meals
5. Driving in lanes designated on streets and observing lights, signs etc. and not hearing horns every second
6. Lines and form of order in daily life
7. Cities with less than 20 million people
8. Traffic tickets/enforcement (really, if they issued and assesed fines here MAYBE people would slow down and drive like humans are supposed to)
9. Shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross
10. Unlimited cell phone calls monthly for a flat rate
11. TACO BELL , $.79- $.99 valu menu what could be better?
12. Pre-made curtains, ready to hang
13. Dollar stores
14. Public "cool" libraries, although in Alexandria there is an AMAZING one
15. Good pizza and man oh man chicken wings, hot (i make em but its not the same)
16. Ready made Rotisserie chickens from grocery store
17. Affordable cars
18. Using change (coins here are not accepted most times, even though you get them ocassionally back as change, go figure)
19. Being able to go into a bank and not wait 2 hours to do a simple transaction
20. Shopping at COSCO
21. Half & Half (we use powdered CoffeeMate, not the same AT ALL)
22. Always pads (we have here, but not same quality)
23. Being able to sell on eBay (oh how i miss, i could, but items would never reach their buyer)
24. Getting mail other than via FedEx
25. Hallmark card stores
26. In-N-Out cheeseburgers


  1. So, you can't leave such a sweet and warm message on my blog that might have made me blush a wee bit without expecting me to stalk your blog. I am totally adding you as a link, well, if you don't mind.

    And I would miss hot wings, too, if I was not in the States.

  2. I would love to see Egypt. I've only been able to travel to Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, and Ireland so far. It sounds as though you get great ART care there as well. Would you agree? Only 6 more days, right??? Fingers still crossed!

  3. Hey fiddle, i would agree yes, that the ART care is good here. EXTREMELY cheap compared to USA, a lot of successes at the center we did IVF at anyway, just not yet our success yet. 6 more days....lets hope AF stays AWAY, far, far AWAY....

  4. You just made me thankful for maxi pads...go figure. :)

    I can't even imagine living in Egypt. I have never been there and to be honest it has never been on my list of places to go but after reading everything you write about it, I just might have to add it to my list! :)

  5. (here via nacomleavmo)

    your blog entry below with the video of your blasts is amazing!!! that is so cool, I hope that you get your BFP!!!

  6. I have always wanted to visit Egypt. My vacation theme is always adventure - I don't like doing what everyone else does!!

    But no matter where we go, when I come home and I am ready for plain, old Oklahoma. Slow pace, no traffic. But life without Taco Bell?!?! Now that's just crazy talk!

    Thanks for the comment on Yeti! My husband has a Yeti/Sasquach/Bigfoot obsession. We can't go on a single hike or camping trip without a Yeti watch. Now we get to watch him in our own backyard!

  7. I have not been to Egypt. My sister has friends there that she visited and I was very jealous, so perhaps someday...
    I hope these six days go quickly.


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