Wednesday, November 29, 2006

End of November

Hey, salaam all, can you believe the end of November is approaching already? Time is passing so quickly, seems to pass even faster each year.

Today I met a lady who I have been chatting with online here in Egypt. She is thinking of moving here where we live and was to meet some real estate agents to show her a few flats today. She is originally from the UK, lived in Egypt for five years, as she puts it, Egypt is her home now.

Its a funny way we met.... I belong to this Yahoo Group list for my city, she posted to it, saying she lives in Dahab, and was thinking of relocating here. (Those who know me, know what I am going to say next...)

So when I read Dahab in her post, of course had to email her!!!

So I emailed her and asked, why on earth would LEAVE Dahab. Short version is she, like me, visited there awhile back and said she would LOVE to live there, her dream place. So she moved from Luxor to Dahab and has not been happy since. She attributes it to not meeting people there, she is alone and not used to not knowing folks. She is very friendly and said she has never had problems meeting people or socializing in the past.... She also metioned like a "bad eye", like an evil omen or something..... not sure about that one.

Anyway, hopefully she will find what she wants here. She likes what she saw so far. So my husband and I met up with her for coffee, got a chance to chat alittle bit in person. She will go back to Dahab tomorrow, I told her say a big hello to Dahab from us, LOL and for her to say we will see her, (Dahab that is) soon, we hope. Its time for us to visit as its been a few months... and we so love it there.

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