Sunday, November 19, 2006

Well I am not posting...

Well you all let me down. I know you are visiting as I read my blog stats, but I guess no one cares to read my recipes, thanks alot! (---LOL---)

Hey FS, I have been trying to email you for 4 days now, keep saving to drafts, but email is acting funky, don't know whats up? Anyway I may have to send to you frm another email account, we'll see. And oh, by the way, you WILL get the secret link for recipes, LOL! And anonymous, sorry dont know who you are, is it you Dad?

Anyway all else is great here in the desert, nice and cool and cold at night, LOVE IT!

Oh, we found out or were told anyway, that we will receive our house at end of Jan or Feb, we'll see. Coming along really, just a few floors and tiles and paint and grass they have to do yet. We shall see!

Anyway, I am off to chat/webcam with my mama, talk to you all soon! Peace...

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