Friday, July 7, 2006

A wonder of the world and GREAT coffee

So Monday we had to take our car to the dealer to have its 10,000 kilo service, regular scheduled maintenance. As we were driving there, approx. an hour and a half from where we live, we casually looked out the window to our left and what do we see, oh just one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids at the Giza Plateau. Where else, can you drive to take your car to be serviced and see one of the Seven Wonders out your window?

I smiled to myself and it hit me, once again, that yes I live in Cairo and no the thought has not worn off yet, it has not become "regular" to me yet. I was in awe, took some photos and was like wow!

Its cool living in Cairo, really it is. It’s a metropolitan city and it’s very diverse, which I enjoy. You have many expats from all over the world living, working or going to school here.

But for me, Cairo used to be a place I vacationed, not lived. Well it’s been almost year of residing here and it still feels like a vacation- well sort of. Sure we have the daily task of shopping and securing things for our home and life, but we are still not working or running a business, which we hope do soon, so it is still like a vacation in a way I guess.

The coffee...ok. I finally had my first cup of REAL, strong, Starbucks like coffee here at a cafe named Cilantro. I ordered a latte, and it was amazing! The coffee I have had outside, has been instant- tasting, like Nescafe (which is SO popular here) but this was real brewed, good bean coffee! I was so siked! I told a friend of mine and she told me there is another chain called, Costa Coffee and it is amazingly good, using good italian beans, so I am on my way to them next. Funny, but you have to have your good coffee, the day wouldn't be complete without one. We have an espresso machine at home and make it daily, but you know when you're out, you want a good cup of coffee.....


  1. I love coffee. I've been faithfully guzzling it every morning since high school. Coffee and chocolate for breakfast.

    I recently quit the caffeine, thanks to my first round with bcp, which taught me that my true self hates caffeine and the taste of coffee comingled with bcp.

    Anyway, my next thing is to learn how to roast my own beans. A coworker does it and he drinks this stuff intravenously, so he knows his stuff.

    I have heard of Cilantro, i think there's one opening up by me. Why is it named Cilantro? Oddly enough, I love cilantro too. There's this cilantro chutney that i make ... now i could take that intravenously.

    Anyway, i'm rambling. I think it's another side effect of bcp. How's it goin in your end?

  2. I don't do coffee but I do chocolate so I can appreciate your quest for the exquisite :)

    That's stunning, the pyramids in the bg - cooll! Forgive me, how did you end up in Egypt?? (only a year.. business.. but how ???)


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