Friday, July 7, 2006


If you have been following the comments from my post entitled "Some thoughts" you'll agree that this indeed is amazing.

So I am ready to go to bed, almost 2Am now, but I decide one last check of email. I open an email from a list I belong to, starts with the following:

"Ultimate good awaits those who persevere in doing good in this world. And (remember,) God's earth is spacious. Those who are patient in adversity will be given a reward without measure." - The Quran, 39:10

What a great way to get off to bed....amazing!


  1. I leave my computer for one day and there's all of this enlightening discussion going on! This and your previous post were beautiful.

    I find that I've kept and strengthed my faith throughout most of this ordeal but this last cycle has left me feeling lost. And angry. And sad. And my faith is God's plan is very low right now. But I don't want to feel that way- I just feel... stuck. And posts like yours remind me that faith takes work and sometimes the work is a lot harder than others. It seems to make no sense that when your faith in God is waivering it is to Him you must turn for help. How can you do that when your faith seems lost and it takes faith to ask for help? But in spite of the apparent illogic, it makes perfect sense.

    Anyway, your posts made me feel a little lighter. So thanks and God Bless.

  2. Kris, I know what you mean. Yes these posts are emlightening and true, but I felt as you do when my attempt at IVF failed. Now, I feel better and know if IVf is meant to bring us a child it will. If not, I am ok with that too. Not ok, like oh well, but really ok, knowing that for whatever reason, God has intended for us not to have a child. Not quite sure why at this moment, but in time I hope to understand why. I have to put all my trust in God and know that whatever is meant for us will indeed happen. Once you surrender totally to God's Will, believe me it feels better and makes life make more sense and keeps you sane. Really and truly it does.


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