Friday, October 14, 2011

Almost a year old

Man am i bad, I have not been here since August! I always said I was going to maintain this blog after Superbaby arrived, and I did for awhile, but as you see I slacked big time. I will post as often as I can get around to and will not delete or dis this blog completely, ever. Thats a promise.

So Superbaby will turn a year old next week and um, where did the time go? He is soooo amazing man, no words can describe how unbelievable he is. He started walking yesterday, it was so cool and I got those first on steps on video believe it or not. 

He is so beautiful, I mean really beautiful. I look at him and think of all the time, money, tears, sadness and failure we endured and am so grateful that we stuck it out and he came to us. It was all beyond worth it, every single second man.

Superbaby has 4 teeth on top and 4 on bottom with a possible additional two coming in on bottom I think. He understands so much. I mean things I have not repeatedly went over with him, he knows. Like yesterday I asked him to put the car on top of the box, he did it. So the concept of on top he got! Alot of little things like that, things I think he doesn't know or will understand, he does. He knows and points to where are your ears, tummy, opens his mouth for teeth, knows our names, the moon, chair, places in the house, his toys... I could go on and on. It's so cool, its like he's becoming a little boy, I mean a real big little boy LOL!

His personality is so cute. I mean this boy is going to be funny and sweet. He is a character already and I can see him in the future being even more so.

My Mom is here for the month with us and so happy she witnessed Superbaby's first steps.  For the past few months we kept thinking this is it, he is going to let go of that couch, chair whatever and walk, but nope, he waited until yesterday. Good boy, what a great present for Oma!

Oh and along with Oma came many, many great things for Superbaby. Tons of shoes I ordered online and clothes, he is so set for the next three years (thanks GP). My Mom says he is the best dressed kid in Cairo and has a better wardrobe and more shoes than all of us combined, LOL!

Next week we are throwing Superbaby a little super birthday party. Not too big, some of Super S's family and a few close friends. My Mom brought the cutest 1st birthday decorations from Party City with her so its going to look so cute! Now just trying to decide on a cake to order. They have really super cute cakes here you can order but they look small, so not sure yet what we will get. The larger sheet size cakes don't come in as cute of a design as the smaller cakes so not sure yet. Maybe order a really cute smaller one along with a sheet size? Anyway whatever I decide it will be cute though.

Its almost 1am here and time for me to hit it. I feel good posting this and plan to update again regularly, God Willing. Still not blog reading, but plan to work that back into the plan as well. I miss you all and will never forget any of you, or your kindness and support you have given over the years. Thank you and good night. - end of speech-

Peace and love guys, talk soon. xoxo


  1. Yay, yay, yay...Wishy is back and we got a Superbaby update. I'm so glad everything is going so wonderfully.

  2. Great to hear from you. We've missed you.

    Happy Birthday, Superbaby!

  3. Glad to ear from you :-).
    I have these moments too of being amazed at how much Butterfly understands
    And Happy Birthday Superbaby!

  4. Girl, please!! I neglected my blog for three months straight, so I'm in the same boat! :) It's hard to take time away from that sweet face (and all the chaos those sweet hands leave behind) for something as ordinary as blogging. ;)

    Glad to hear that things are going so well. Way to go Superbaby! Walk! Walk! Walk!

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Enjoy every minute, Mama! Hugs to you! :)

    BTW: Blogger's being weird...hope it posts this comment correctly.

  5. Happy Birthday, superbaby!!!!
    I know it's just amazing how time flies! How did we get here? That means we survived a year of parenting!! OMG!
    hope you all have a great party!

  6. Wow, I can't believe he's almost 1!! My little guy will be 1 in 3 months so I've been in party planning mode!

    Time flies! Enjoy every minute!

  7. Happy birthday to your superbaby!!!! I can't believe that my little miracle boy is 19 months already. The time goes by sooo fast once you finally have that little miracle in your life. If you would like to check out my IVF success story please visit Hope y'all have a great first b-day party!

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