Friday, January 20, 2012

15 months have passed

Superbaby will be 15 months old in a few days and I can't believe it.

No apologies for not posting for a few months, I have no excuse other than this crazy active little boy taking ALL my time. I am enjoying every single moment too.

We are now in Dahab our favorite place on the Red Sea. Been here a week now and looks like we will stay another. This time we are in a beautiful chalet right on the water. Two bedrooms, a living roon, open kitchen lots of room for Superbaby to run around. We wake up to the Red Sea waves crashing and the view out the window is amazing. Superbaby is crazy happy and enjoying himself so much.

I think this boy will have all his teeth before he's two. The upper and lower canines are coming in now and he'll only have 4 more to go the top and bottom secomd molars, to have his full 20! He was very early with teeth though and teething now is not bad like it was for him earlier on thank God.

Still breastfeeding. He loves the noms noms man. I cannot imagine him weaning himself and am scared shitless as to how I will wean him. I know it may/can change but as of now I am thinking he would nurse forever.

He is a little guy now, very slender. He fits alot of pants that are less than his age which is cool because I have alot and they will last him longer I guess.

Superbaby loves music and dances his little ass off man. He adores Pink Floyd and Flamenco the most thanks to Super S. But any music really he hears he gets down wherever we are.

I miss reading my blog list though. I think some people had babies and are pregnant and I just wish I could find out more and congratulate. If you are of them consider yourself hugged. If you are still waiting an even bigger hug I'm sending to you.

Let's see when I check next time, who knows...

Love and peace.


Here in Dahab a few days ago...


  1. Look at that big boy! Where has the time gone?

    I was watching some video on the web - it was a conglomeration of photos from a guy's travels all over the world. It was a really cool video in general, but it had some really beautiful shots of Dahab. I thought of you while I was watching it!

  2. Can't believe he's 15 months! So wonderful to hear from you..and I feel the same, miss reading my blog roll and keeping up on everyones life. ((hugs)) back to you!

  3. It is great to hear an update!! So glad everything is going well.

  4. I hear you on not finding time to post! Love to you and your beautiful family!

  5. Good to hear from you, and glad that everyone is doing so well.

  6. Nice to see you are well. I lost your blog and just found it again. 15 months wow!

  7. Wishy wish! I just came back to blogging and wanted to check on you - so happy to see your little one! So, so happy! I don't know if you check this still, but give a holler if you do!


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