Friday, May 14, 2010

Update on headaches

Hey thanks a million for all your suggestions. I woke up without a headache, yeah!

This morning I did have a half cup of coffee (Nescafe) not very strong and I will buy some acetaminaphine or paracetemol tonight just in case.

I guess its part of being pregnant and you know what its ok. So ok man. I just wanted to be sure it was normal.

I will be four months, 16 weeks tomorrow and my stomach has popped ladies. I think I look officially pregnant now, and I am lovin' it! No more zippering or buttoning my pants and thats where my amazing Bella Bands come in. Can I just say how awesome they are? I know I have said it before but I am such a fan. So easy, so comfortable and they rock!

When, what week should I do the Gestional diabetes screen? I am sure Dr. K will tell me, but he hasn't yet. I also know from a few of you that they say not to fast, but some of you have said to fast. School me again my lovely genuises who I heart so much! xoxoxo


  1. I say fast, because I had to go back for the 3 hour screen. I was borderline. I can't remember when you have to do it - 22 weeks? 26 weeks?'s LOADS of fun. /sarcasm

    Glad to hear you had no headache today! Congratulations on "popping."

  2. Yay for no headaches!! Hope that it continues to be that way.

    Unless you have some sort of predispositon of insulin resistance or a family history of diabetes, they usually don't test til 26-28 weeks. As far as fasting goes, my doc had me eat regularly in the days leading up to the test and just fast the morning of the test (and I had an early a.m. appointment). But some docs don't require that...I'm sure Dr. K will tell you what he prefers.

    Congrats on 'popping' should post a pic, mama! :)

  3. Here the glucosa screening test is only done if the sugar is tested in the urine, or you have BMI over 30 at the start of the pregnancy.
    Normal testing time here is from 24-28 weeks.

    The test is perfomed by fasting around 10 hours (just from the evening before and then they test in the morning), where you have to rest for 30 minutes (and rest during the test) then drink 75 grams glucose per 200 milliliters. Then you are tested at 60 and 120 minutes after sugar intake, so it is a time conesuming test. Hope that I will not have to take one, so little time so much to do before I go on maternity leave from work.

  4. Yeah for the headache!! When you don't have it you can appreciate so much how good it feels! Sweetie I know you root for me, I hope all this positive vibes count!! Not sure about the diabetes test unfortunately, and great you are 16 weeks!! Time flies!

  5. Glad the headache is gone!! Hopefully it stays away.

    I had to do both tests (during my sixth month). The first one they didn't say anything and I forgot it was the day of the test so I got up and a bowl of cereal. I didn't pass - just barely, but still. The second test I did fast and passed with flying colors.

    My assvice - fast. If you get up starving or have a late appointment I would stick to lean protein and only a small amount...

  6. So glad you were headache free this morning! Love your blog ... please pop on over to my site to receive your Versatile Blogger award!

  7. So glad the headache is gone.

  8. Glad you woke up with out a headache :)

  9. Yay for a break from the headache! I know that my doc normally sends women around the 28 week mark. I get to go twice (at 20wks and 28wks) because of my weight issues. I don't know about the fasting thing yet. I'm sure your doc will let you know.

  10. I had my GTT at around 28 weeks.. unless you are high risk (weight,family history etc).

    yey for popping belly! it's awesome once you can really see the pregnancy coming along.

  11. Hi :)
    so glad the headaches are gone. I have had one (A migraine) for a few days and I am miserable. So I know the feeling (ICK)

    enjoy your headache free weekend :)

  12. oooh, and I can't wait to see a picture of that baby belly!!!!! :)

  13. Glad your headache went away and that you've "popped!"

  14. I wish I could help you out here, but I totally can't. I'm glad you are feeling better, and I agree....need belly pics!

  15. The one hour glucose test seems to vary by country. In the U.S., the standard is 28 weeks. My perinatologist does an initial screen at 18-20 weeks, then another several week later, but she only sees high-risk patients, so likes to get a baseline on everyone. I didn't see her until 24 weeks, so had it then. You do not need to fast for the one hour test. Unfortunately I failed the one hour and had to take the three hour (passed, yay). You must fast for the 3 hour glucose tolerance test.

    My maternal fetal medicine doctor in Ireland was very laid back about the glucose test. I asked about it and he kept telling me there was no hurry. By 32 weeks (when I left Ireland) I still hadn't had it (as far as he knew).

    I'm not sure what the standard is in Egypt, but I would ask for it at 28 weeks, if not sooner.

    Good luck!!


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