Friday, May 14, 2010

Headaches 15w6d

Ok here's the deal. I have been having headaches for the past two days. I thought they would pass so I did not call Dr. K. Well now he's travelling and Dr. Google isn't much help, what should I do? I will be 16 weeks tomorrow.

I read about stress causing them, no stress here. Really.

Read cause could be due to high blood pressure, last time I checked it was perfect, I will check it again today though.

Some people take Darvocet, um not an option for me. I have never been good with narcotics. Extra strength Tylenol? Paracetamol?

I never suffered from headaches before being pregnant, so they are strange for me.

Its 5:30am here and I went to bed with a headache and woke up with same the feeling. Its like I feel it in my eyes.

Please tell me this is normal. Tell me that you had them in your second trimester and tell me what worked for you. 

I am currently taking my prenatal vitamin, some folic acid and a low dose aspirin daily.

We are leaving Monday and I so do not want to have to deal with these monster headaches while I'm gone. They really suck man and I can deal with them, its only been two days, but I cannot imagine these daily like this for much longer.

I am going back to bed, hopefully you genuises will have some good advice for me when I wake up. I mean genuises like for real, you guys rock!


  1. I've only ever read that headaches are common in 1st and 3rd trimesters. But guess who had them every day starting in the second? Me! They were awful. I started seeing a chiropractor which helped a ton! My neck was all out of alignment.

    I also talked to the doctor because I really didn't want to take anything. She looked at me like I was crazy and told me I should take extra strength tylenol, even if I needed it every day as long as I didn't go over the recommended dosage. She also said to have some caffeine with it (half can of soda) because it helps. So when the headaches were real bad I would take one or two tylenol and when they were really, really bad I took two with some soda.

    I hope you don't have yours as often as I did! Good luck!

  2. I second everything Jill said! Chiropractors are awesome! And Tylenol and caffeine work well too, though I ended up with Darvocet after awhile. After you take the Tylenol lay down with a cold wash cloth on your head and that might help as well. Hope it goes away!

  3. I had awful headaches off and on for a couple of weeks around the same time as you! My Dr. said that it is completely normal and that they generally occur because of our crazy hormones. (Or course - he had a much better explanation. :-) ) Anyway - like the pp, he suggested trying a little caffeine and also to stay on top of the headaches with Tylenol. Tylenol is perfectly safe if taken properly. I also found that a heat pack on the back of my neck/head helped some. Really - time just took care of them.

    All of that said - if you are experiencing severe pain or you don't feel comfortable trying Tylenol and such - try talking to an on-call Dr. if one is available.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I had headaches too at 16 weeks. I added back a cup of caffeinated tea, which helped. Also that same week I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, after I began following that diet my headaches went completely away. Not sure what change helped or just getting past 16 weeks. Moral, normal at least from my perspective :)

  5. I know that you have an increased blood volume when you're pregnant, which could cause headaches. The OBs I work with say you can take Extra Strength Tylenol when you're pregnant. Hope that helps.

  6. I don't have any advice or info... just hopes and prayers that they will go away quickly, and to second the pp... talk to an on call doc.


  7. I didn't have headaches often, but congratulations on the pregnancy! I was always amazed by my aches and pains. It's awful right up until you get that new baby. I can't remember a dang one of mine now. :)

  8. Chiropractors, a little caffeine, extra strength tylenol, and, if you really can't stand it, get a prescription for vicodin. I can't take tylenol with codeine, makes me violently ill. By vicodin, which is tylenol with synthetic codeine is a wonder drug for me.

    Hope you feel better soon sweetie.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, DRINK MORE WATER. Dehydration can become pronounced in the second trimester and it can cause headaches.

  9. I had headaches around that time too. Aside from stress dehydration can cause them, hormones (like everything else lol), low blood sugar (as in you need to eat more snacks maybe), lack of sleep or they just happen cause they do (see hormones lol). So if drinking more water and eating more snacks and taking more naps doesn't help hit the paracetamol it's safe to take. Don't take anything with asprin cause your already on it and don't take anything with ibruprofin cause it's not safe. Codiene's safe unless you react to it like me but some say it's usless for headaches anyway so stick to the paracetamol and take a nap with it and hopefully you'll wake up headache free :)

  10. I have had plenty of headaches too unfortunately, I have had paracetamol and been advised to drink lots of water - plus I see an osteopath who helps enormously.

    Hope they go away quickly - have a fun trip!!

  11. It could be low blood sugar or not enough fluids, often helps for me to make sure I eat well and drink well. Maybe try gatorade or something with salts in it just to be sure you are drinking enough.

    it could also be that due to hormones in pregnancy the mucous membranes have more blood flow and you get nose congestion, common problem in pregnancy, which in turn leads to headaches.

  12. Sweetie, headaches are normal in pregnancy, you can take paracetamol for sure. Love, Fran

  13. I get headaches all the time so I got them during the entire pregnancy off and on.

    cold/hot - wash clothes or heat/ice packs see what works for you.
    sleep - after I take everything lay down and nap if you can
    PEPPERMINT (oil or extract) rub it on your temples, it will tingle and make your eyes water but I swear this works. Sounds crazy but I use this all the time. I prefer this to taking medications.

  14. Hope you feel better with all the advice! Could be the increased blood volume or hormones. Tylenol (acetomenophin {sp?}) is safe to take, stay hydrated, eat, have some caffeine... My husband also gets headaches when he doesn't eat enough protein. Perfectly normal...but I hope they go away soon.

  15. Ditto on what everyone else said, Wishy. Tylenol and caffeine, then extra water to stay hydrated and rest when you can. It's normal...just part of being pregnant. Isn't it fantastic to say a phrase like that and know that it actually applies to us!? :)

    Hope you find some relief and can enjoy our trip. Take care and feel better soon! xoxoxo

  16. Not prego here but I had a MONSTER headache on Monday that left me in the fetal position. A cold compress to the head and a couple Ibuprofen did the trick for me. Hope you feel better!

  17. HI, sorry about the headaches!!! I get more now than when I was pg..I was too busy vomiting (LOL)

    but I did get them and what helped was the list above, the EX STR Tylenol was the best thing. Could they be Sinus related? I know you're halfway across the world, here in the US on the East Coast, Hubby and I have had low grade, right there at our eyes headache for weeks, it's sinus infections. If that's not it...

    the peppermint, the tylenol, a good sleep could help.

    GOOD LUCK!!!! NO more feeling yucky!

  18. No advice, good or otherwise. But I hope you feel better.

  19. Sorry for the headaches hun, that is NO fun. Do you ever get sounded like one when you said it was in your eyes, and those can last for days. Literally I've gone to bed with one and woken up feeling the exact same in the morning unless I take my medication. Hope it goes away STAT, hang in there!!

  20. I agree with everybody on this one.

    1. drink more water
    2. chiropractic
    3. if you have pressure above or below your eyes it could be sinuses
    4. could be hormones
    5. could be from eye you need to get your eyes checked...or maybe too much time in front of the computer a lot :)
    6. Also minimize the amount of things you do looking down. Looking down all of the time puts a lot of strain on your neck

    Good luck....if I were there I would give you a super treatment to make you feel better! ;)


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