Saturday, March 13, 2010

7 weeks today

Yesterday we went to one of Super S's nieces house for dinner. Two of his sisters were there and another one of his nieces; both nieces have kids too so it was a full house.

Screaming I said "I AM FINALLY PREGNANT AND ITS TWINS! These gatherings will include our kids in about 7 to 8 months or so, I will finally be able to bring MY babies here too!" This screaming was just in my head, LOL we still haven't told anyone. It was so hard, I wanted to share our excitement with them, but we are still so scared, both Super S and we keep putting "the next" ultrasound as our "marker" to share the good news.

Should we tell people at 9 weeks 4 days, the next ultrasound, if all is well? Is it too early? Who decides whats too early anyway? I think its more pyschological than anything, duh of course it is. But deep down we want just want so badly to embrace that this is really real. I mean Super S and I, we have, to a point. We are still so cautious but want so badly for the cautiousness to subside, alittle bit anyway. Truth be told, this feeling will stay with us until our babies arrive, God Willing, that I know.

The other morning Super S hit one of "my girls", by accident, I was like "oh man, ouch!" He said and I quote "I get so scared when you say your breasts are sore, I think of how they get before your period and I think its coming..." Habibi. My baby. I told him they will be sore like this, I think, while I am pregnant he was so relieved. So not only do us, the infertile women experience thoughts like this, our husbands so do too and sometimes voice their fears as well. It was such a moment for me. For us.

All else is well. Still no sickness. A nausious feeling sometimes comes, but then it goes and I have not got sick at all. I was very relieved to read some of your comments the other day, alot of you seem not to have had morning sickness and have delivered healthy babies, so that made me feel good.

Cairo has been unseasonably hot. I mean it was like 95 yesterday and they forcast 100 tomorrow. Its usually in the 70's in March but this is like summer. Not complaining, but its hot really early this year. We didn't have much of a winter either. Maybe a few weeks of cold and that was it in December.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are.


  1. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come because that HOT and pregnant - WITH TWINS...I hope you have good air conditioning.

    Everyone knew we were cycling. So people were constantly asking - as soon as we knew everyone else did secrets with us just cause that is how things played out.

    It is great to tell people cause you are all excited and stuff but once you tell people you can't untell them. The assvice begins immediately. The delivery horror stories, etc. Just be prepared because I'm sure you will get crazy questions and advice about twins.

  2. I had always said that I would wait until 12 weeks before I told anyone. I lasted about 5 minutes! LOL I looked at it this way: This may be my only pregnancy and I was determined to enjoy every moment of whether it was 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months or 4 ever. Also, I wanted the prayers and the support of other people.

    I hope that you and your husband can find the perfect time to tell people.

  3. First, HAPPY 7 WEEKS!!! :)

    Second, I think that the fact that Super S is so in tune with you and this whole process is wonderful. Mike doesn't have a clue and doesn't really, fully understand sometimes, even when I explain things the best way I know how. Maybe its me, maybe its him, maybe its both but regardless, I think you guys have a beautiful relationship and a beautiful start to this family. :)

    And lastly, I think only the 2 of you can decide when to 'tell'. Truly, we've done both (waited til the end of the 1st tri and alternately, with another pregnancy, told immediately) and it doesn't change what the outcome will be. I think it depends on how you feel about it all. I like what Jess said about enjoying every moment, regardless of the outcome. :) Someone told me once that it didn't matter if I was pregnant for a day, a week, a month or a full term...I was still a mom, still entitled to every joy that a mom experiences for whatever time I had. That meant a lot to me and made it easier to decide what was right for us as far as 'telling' went. You know that we'll support you and celebrate with you whatever you decide. :)

    Hope you find the perfect time that works for you and Super S...and the Superbabies and that you'll have peace whatever your decision is. Love and hugs, sweetie!

  4. Everyone has their own time and comfort zone for when they feel like telling others. I tend to share information openly so I would tell my mother and best friend immediately - maybe a few other friends. I'm not really sure. I'm not sure if I would tell others until after CV testing was done as I wouldn't want to be judged if I had to terminate for Down's or something. I am 45 so this is a much much larger risk for me at my age. I also carry a gene for SMA that I need to do single gene testing for. So I know that my comfort zone is further out than most women's.

  5. Congrats on 7 weeks!! Wow, time flies!
    As for telling, we would probably tell the few people that know were are going through IVF. Plus we have a few ladies at church that have been praying for us the whole time. I would welcome continued prayers from them, and some of our friends. Also people that read my blog will probably know coz I will probably post about it! But the rest (including most family) I will probably wait till 12 weeks. But everyone is different. You just need to do what is right for you.

  6. Hey you! Glad to hear all is going well - i didn't really get any morning sickness, until I was in the 7th week. But I really hope you don't get any at all - sore boobies will do just fine!! Maybe our babies will be born around the same time???

  7. Congrats and glad to hear your feeling so well. I hope it stays that way :)

  8. You can talk yourself out of telling at any time - Oh, I'll wait for the first ultrasound...Oh, I'll wait for the second ultrasound..."They" say to wait until you get past the first trimester...I'll wait until after the quad scan and make sure everything's OK...I'll wait for the 20 week ultrasound, and make sure everything's OK...Maybe I'll just do a birth announcement after delivery. My point is, when you're ready to share, then share. Lap up the excitement - you don't get that kind of response too often. (Unless you're like me, and don't want people insincerely congratulating you. Then just wait.) There is no right time - only your time.

    It's always nice to know that you're not alone in the baby game. Glad to hear Super S is right there with you...

  9. We told family at 14 weeks. Quite late compared to most, but we wanted to tell in person. Too early depends on whether you'd want family to know about something bad happening. We didn't, so we waited longer.

    My 'girls' were far more sore when I was in early pregnancy than at any other time. Take it as a good sign!

    Looking forward to the post when you report that you really did shout your good news to everyone!

  10. Happy 7 weeks.

    I think you should reveal only when you and Super S are comfy with the idea of others knowing about it.

    Your twins will be there to be a part of the family gatherings ...That's my sincerest prayer for you.

    Take Care, and all the best for the March 31 u/s.

    Every step is taking you closer.

  11. Hallo there! Just wanted to say I`m 7 weeks today too-with twins too! Also still feeling very good-no morning sickness, just tender breasts. Here`s on keeping good faith till our next scans!

  12. I am thrilled you are at 7 weeks already. I can't wait for you to feel comfortable enough to start telling people.

  13. I agree with Jess, you should enjoy every minute of this pregnancy and when you feel comfortable then tell. Be it now, or at 20 weeks.
    What a wonderful hubby you have to be thinking about things like sore boobs=period. good man!

  14. I can just imagine you screaming in your head, it must have been so hard not to tell! We always said we would wait til 12 weeks to tell, but it is completely an individual thing, I think. Whenever you feel comfortable is the main thing.

    Just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog, you always know the right thing to say. xox

  15. Happy 7 weeks! I hope the nausea stays away for you especially with all that heat!

  16. Your babies look beautiful! Seven weeks - that's great! I think we are about the same - I keep losing track because the clinic is confusing me with dates.
    I agree with pps - it's your call. So you have told nobody? Wow - I'm impressed. We had a large group of people from different areas of our life rooting for us along the way - so we told them - but not the general public I.e. Everyone else. To me this time us going by so sloooooowly. I so want to be at 12 weeks so I can relax a little bit.
    Apart from the sore boobs are you tired? I think it's early for morning sickness too. Wishing all the best for you too and for some relief in the weather:)xoxo

  17. We told family around 9.5 weeks and other people when I was 12 weeks. Everyone said they could tell (I guess b/c I wasn't as awful as I usually was! haha), but I kept them stringing along until then.

    And love the screaming in your head. I wanted to do that soooo often before those 12 weeks had passed. Can't wait to read your post about telling your family!

  18. what a beautiful milestone! congrats!

    i say tell people when you're ready! and it sounds like you're almost ready. :)

    enjoy not vomiting! hopefully you're one of the lucky ones who escapes morning sickness!


  19. I am SO THRILLED for you "wishing" and I am so relieved and happy to find a normal blog with real people going through IVF! My husband and I tried for 5 years and then went through clomid and IUI's and conceived my son in Sept 06 - he was born 6/3/07. We have been trying ever since and were "successful" again on clomid and IUI July 09 but that ended in a brutal cornual ectopic and major surgery. Three more unsuccessful IUI's since and now I am starting my first IVF cycle. Today will be 8 days in on Lupron and the nurse will call regarding the suppression check 3/18. I am optimistic and scared as to be expected but I am sending baby dust to everyone here and I hope we all have good news to share soon!

  20. Congrats for 7 weeks!! I love how you keep on crusing through, and feeling great. Enjoy every second, you totally deserve it!!

  21. Yeah for 7 weeks. I didn't feel sick until a bit after 7 weeks,then it kicked in.

    As long as all is well, it's nicer to not be sick. Nicole

  22. So so so happy for you!!! And I love the first pics below.
    With our daughter, we waited till 12 weeks went by, purely because of what others told me to do. With our son, we pretty much told everyone right away. I figured everyone would find out anyways if something were to happen.
    Stay cool.


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