Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Drinking, I mean St. Patrick's Day

So its St. Patrick's Day. I just read its history for the first time today. Super S and I always referred to it as another day to drink and party when we lived in the States. While we are not Irish, nor do we drink, we used to prepare ourselves for the road as it got crazy where we lived.

Today I am 7 weeks, 4 days. (Yes, my dear Fran, I know 8 weeks)  Still no throwing up, but a feeling of nausia comes and goes sometimes. My stomach is starting to puff out a bit towards the bottom and I'm thinkin' my friend better FEDEX me the belly band combo soon. This looks super cool and the concept seems brilliant, have any of you ever used it?

Super S invited a few friends for dinner tonight so I will be cooking most of the day. I did some preparations last night, as I usually do to make it easier today. On the menu is roast chickens, beef with mushroom sauce, sauteed green beans, rice, salad, something we call goulash here in Egypt- its filo dough brushed with butter and stuffed in the middle with a thin layer of cooked ground beef, then baked in the oven, one of my favorites.

I am so anxious and can't wait until the 31st to see our babies again. I worry as I don't feel anything most of the time, I know its early, but I feel like I want to feel something. Its still so unbelievable to me. Super S goes around saying "mommy, mommy" he's a trip man and so cute!

So here are a few questions, cause you know I have no idea...

1. Can I take a bath? Showers of course, LOL, but baths, in a tub?
2. Swimming once it gets warmer, is this safe?
3. Travel on an airplane, can it be done? If so at what stage of pregnancy is ok and not ok?
4. Hair coloring, is it safe?
5. Walking is good right?
6. A small glass of very light/weak tea once in awhile, ok or stay away?

There will be more, don't worry, thats a promise. But these are just a few off the top of my head. Have a great Wednesday guys.


  1. Here are the ones I know for sure:

    Definitely walk! The better shape you are in the better off you will be for delivery and recovery. There is a 7mos pregnant girl that goes to my Zumba class...and that class is pretty intense.

    Swimming is great for you and the babies. It is a good way to strengthen and stretch your muscles without putting any loadbearing weight on your belly. There is a blog called Twincubator and the girl on it swam a lot during her twin pregnancy.

    A little caffiene is fine. There is a specific number of micrograms you can drink of caffeine...idk..i'd google that one.

    Also, I would recommend going to a chiropractor. I'm a chiro and pregnant women are my fave patients. They get a ton of relief from treatments. Your spine will really be stretched and extended during pregnancy. The sway in your low back will increase and you will probably be really sore in the low back and hip region. After the babies are born your lower neck and upper back will be sore from holding them and lifting them and chiro can help with that too. :)

  2. 1. I don't think baths are a problem. Bubble baths might give you uti's, but that has nothing to do with pregnancy.
    2. Swimming is fine, but no hot tubs.
    3. I think this is fine, too. Ask your dr. They may want you to wait until you're a bit further along and to not do it during the 3rd trimester.
    4. Varying opinions. Last I heard, doing it/getting it done in an open room is ok. The fumes are the main problem, I think. Don't breathe them. Google it?
    5. Walking is great.
    6. I'd say you're fine there, especially once you're a little further along.

    As for St.Patty's Day, I literally never even remember it's a thing. lol That is, until someone pinches me for not wearing green. haha Not being a drinker, it really doesn't seem like a big deal.

  3. Oh sweetie, thanks so much for your comments, i wanted to tell you that we just brought Patches home!! I'll update the blog also later. I am not sure about the answers to your questions, but I think you can fly after the first trimester (so only 4 weeks ehehe) with a single pregnancy, hopefully it's the same with twins. On the tea front also I think it's not a big problem once it's not abused!! Krystal had all of the other answers and i'm with her.

    On Paddy's day, you can imagine here it's a total show, we avoid city centre like a war zone! No I'm kidding, but green Guinness is not our thing! Love, Fran

  4. 1. Can I take a bath? Showers of course, LOL, but baths, in a tub? Yes, but not too hot of a bath - they don't recommend increasing your core temperature.
    2. Swimming once it gets warmer, is this safe? Swimming is supposed to be one of the best methods of exercise, because it doesn't stress your joints. Also, once you get bigger, you may feel more comfortable in the water.
    3. Travel on an airplane, can it be done? If so at what stage of pregnancy is ok and not ok? Usually, you're OK to travel up until the last part of the 3rd trimester, but ask your doctor what he/she recommends
    4. Hair coloring, is it safe? Yes/No/Maybe. Chemicals can be absorbed through your skin, so many people refrain from coloring their hair. Of course, many people continue. Again, ask your doctor...
    5. Walking is good right? Walking is good, but will get more difficult. I got terrible shin splints once I really started gaining weight. But, I kept walking right up to the end.
    6. A small glass of very light/weak tea once in awhile, ok or stay away? Varying opinions on this - I didn't mind skipping any caffeine sources (um, not counting chocolate), but it's up to you to decide.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. When I take a bath I actually use a meat thermometer and make sure the temp isn't over 99 F. That way I figure I won't increase my body temp! It's a little cooler than I would normally like but still does the trick.

    My doctor recommended no domestic air travel past 36 weeks and no international past 32 weeks.

  6. Looks like you've already gotten all the right answers (of course you may have to adjust the traveling timeline because you're having twins), so I'll just say that I wish I was coming to your house for dinner, too! It all sounds lovely, especially the goulash. Now, I'm starving. :)

    Oh, and on the bath doc says that your body will let you know if the water's too hot (same thing for a shower), so just pay attention to your body's signals and you should be A.O.K. I would think.

    Enjoy you dinner guests...have fun! xoxoxo

  7. here are my thoughts

    1. Can I take a bath? Showers of course, LOL, but baths, in a tub? Yes, you can shower, but make sure the temp is not any higher than your own body temp. I took TONS of baths in the late 3rd tri b/c of how much pain I was in.
    2. Swimming once it gets warmer, is this safe? Swimming is not only safe, it's highly recommended!
    3. Travel on an airplane, can it be done? If so at what stage of pregnancy is ok and not ok? Most OBs will not let you travel w/ a twin pregnancy after 24 to 26 weeks. Ask yours. I wouldn't want to be anywhere where I couldn't get in a car and drive to a hospital nearby (hopefully one where my OB could deliver) at any point during my 3rd tri.
    4. Hair coloring, is it safe? Some docs will let you, I'd say no. Why not just let your hair go. There are some studies that say it's not good, so do what's safe for the baby. Some people say as long as the dye doesn't touch your scalp, it's ok. Whatever. I didn't go through 5 years of torture to dye my hair!!! :)
    5. Walking is good right? Walking is good, but in moderation. Don't go crazy, especially in the beginning now and in the 3rd tri. Your 2nd trimester is your BFF. Look forward to it.
    6. A small glass of very light/weak tea once in awhile, ok or stay away? I didn't have any caffeine (NONE, not even chocolate) until my 3rd trimester. Like I said, I didn't go through hell just to have chocolate. But once I hit the 3rd trimester, I'd go to Sonic and get a Route 44 sweet tea and then I'd go home, pour 2/3rds into a container and save that for the next 2 days. I would drink 1/3 of the tea and loved every second of it. There's a web site that tells you how much caffeine is in certain things and you're not supposed to have more than 200g (I think) a day. Check out the March of Dimes web site or the American Pregnancy web site. They're very helpful.

    BTW, I love that you get to ask these questions!!

  8. d'oh! I meant "yes you can take a bath"! Duh. Sorry. :)

  9. Ask your DR...just to be safe but here is what I think/know:

    1 - a cool bath if you are hot is ok but not hot soaks. You don't want to raise your temp.

    2- swimming is AWESOME. (I went swimming a lot for one week in Florida. Well, I mostly floated. I'm a floater. It felt fantastic. I think I was 14 weeks?) NO HOT TUBS. Again, because you don't want to raise your temp.

    3- I don't know on this one. Definitely ask your Dr cause each pregnancy is different. I traveled a lot by car. I do know that if you do travel by any means make sure you do get up and walk when you can (between flights/gas stations/etc).

    4- I didn't color my hair. Stylists will swear up and down it is safe. I would ask your Dr.

    5- Walking is excellent. If it is too hot, just walk around a store that has AC. Just don't over due it. It depends on how active you were BEFORE you got pregnant.

    6- caffeine is ok but you want to limit it. Ask your DR how much is ok. You can buy Decaf tea bags (I think they still have a very small amount of caffeine but not positive on this) and make your own tea.

  10. 1. Can I take a bath? Showers of course, LOL, but baths, in a tub? Absolutely, water temps up to 105 (hot tub temps) are good for up to 10 minutes. Regular bath temps are fine! Baths are good until you start dilating at the end.
    2. Swimming once it gets warmer, is this safe?Again, absolutely. Swimming is not only safe but is wonderful because it takes all the weight off your joints. Swim until you start to dilate at the end.
    3. Travel on an airplane, can it be done? If so at what stage of pregnancy is ok and not ok? usually through 2nd trimester as long as you aren't high risk
    4. Hair coloring, is it safe? usually considered safe after the first trimester
    5. Walking is good right? YES!
    6. A small glass of very light/weak tea once in awhile, ok or stay away? this is directly from my OB and high risk in first trimester and, after that, the worst side effect of caffeine is an active baby who keeps you awake at night.

  11. First I had never heard of the belly thing you listed, but I did break down & buy a Bella-band at Target this weekend...amazing, I LOVE it & would highly recommend it!
    We're only about a week apart & I asked our RE today about flying she said it was fine, but to get up & walk around every couple of hours to prevent blood clots. I also asked about exercise as the RE had told me to stop while going through IVF...she said LIGHT exercise is okay, but to keep your heart rate even & not get it very high. She said swimming is excellent exercise when pregnant.
    Glad to hear you're doing so well:)

  12. My stylist told me not to color my hair right before IVF, since she said you won't be able to touch up once you are pregnant. Personally, I'd say stay away from it. My nurse also said, if you want to do it, do it before Egg retrieval, so I'm assuming we shouldn't do it when pregnant.

  13. By the way, I just noticed that you are "Wishing 4 One" but you are getting TWO (twins)!! Just thought that was funny =) Silly I know.

  14. that belly band combo is cool!

    have fun at your dinner party! the food all sounds delicious!

    hoping the 31st arrives soon! for you and me, since my beta is on the 30th. :)

    of course as your Dr, but here are my thoughts on some of your ?s:

    3. Travel on an airplane, can it be done? If so at what stage of pregnancy is ok and not ok? my doctor doesn't put restrictions, but my nurse said she wouldn't recommend flying in the first tri.

    4. Hair coloring, is it safe? - i would avoid it

    5. Walking is good right? - totally!

    6. A small glass of very light/weak tea once in awhile, ok or stay away? - if it's decaf, i would indulge.

  15. Generally just a lurker - but I wanted to offer my hearty congratulations!!!! You certainly deserve two little munchkins. :-)

    All of the previous posters have already given excellent advice, but I'll my .02 for whatever it might be worth.

    As far as baths, my doctor said the same thing as a previous poster's (I'm currently 16 weeks along) - if the water is too warm, your body will let you know. If you start feeling woozy or nauseous, get out immediately and cool down. He didn't seem overly concerned about bath water since they generally aren't steaming hot. However, he stressed the importance of not soaking in a hot tub. The water is simply too hot.

    Hair coloring? I had an appointment scheduled shortly before I found out I was pg (had been trying for quite a while and had given up!), so I canceled that initial dye job. I spoke with my Dr. and hair stylist and both agreed that it is best to wait until after the 1st trimester. My roots were HORRIBLE by the time I finally got in. While it might be awful of me to care so much, I did. And I do. I want to feel beautiful and not want to wear a hat all of the time. There is a lot of mixed information about hair coloring... so I would say go with what you are comfortable. Women have been coloring their hair while pregnant for many, many years and it hasn't been the "cause" of any disease or syndrome yet! :-)

    Best wishes as you continue your pregnancy. It is such a trip! Even during the times I was feeling the worst, I was still so thankful that I am pregnant. I love my changing body and love knowing that I am growing a little person.

  16. I might be repeating this but for the first time in weeks I have time to comment :D

    1. Can I take a bath? Showers of course, LOL, but baths, in a tub?
    yes but they can't be hot (my Dr said not above 37 celcius)

    2. Swimming once it gets warmer, is this safe?
    yup, it's great for you, I swam daily for a lot of my pregnancy and bub loved it.

    3. Travel on an airplane, can it be done? If so at what stage of pregnancy is ok and not ok?

    I went from UK to Aus at 14 weeks - my Dr said air travel only between 12 and 36 weeks, 30 weeks for long haul.

    4. Hair coloring, is it safe?
    well it's not proven to be harmful. I was told by my doc to never bleach and to colour only after 12 weeks and to check with my colourist for what the manufacturer says. My colourist said she would only ever colour in 2nd tri and insisted on a patch test first eveb though i hsd used the colour before as an allergic reaction in pregnancy could be dangerous

    5. Walking is good right?
    walking is awesome

    6. A small glass of very light/weak tea once in awhile, ok or stay away?
    I was told I could have two coffee's a day

    I am so freaking happy that you get to ask these sorts of questions :D

  17. Weighing in with my opinions.
    1. Depends on the temp.
    2. As long as the water is clean.
    3. Yes. With twins I was allowed to fly through 20 weeks, with singletons it's much longer.
    4. Highlights are fine, but coloring that gets into your scalp is iffy.
    5. Walking is very good!
    6. I didn't, but 200 mg of caffeine is the latest recommended limit, and tea has far less than that.



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