Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dirty Clothes Increasing and THE Cheesecake

Well this fiasco is finally closed.

So two delivery guys come yesterday. Super S opened the carton before they even carried it upstairs... what did he see? The floor model from the store!!! No joke. No packing materials, the blue plastic protective film was not there, it was like they took off the showroom floor, put into a box and brought it to us. He told them to take it away as well as the damaged first one upstairs.

We go to the store. Talked to the manager and after 15 minutes or so of trying to explain to him what happened, and his lame excuses, he told us they will re-open from 9-11pm and we can pick up our money then. We told him we think you sent us the floor model as it isn't here now, oh no he assured us that was sold a long time ago. (it was just there three days ago, and these washers are not as popular with many people here so i am not buying you sold it that fast)

Anyway later we picked up our refund, the manager did not even acknowledge us when we were there again, his emplyee gave us the refund. The funniest thing... the floor model was magically back on the showroom floor!!!!

So we are off once again to find a new washer and NOT from this large retailer, i will never give them a penny again! Wish us luck.

The cheesecake, four words "Gram would be proud." Unbelievably yummy! Super S said to me, "I did not expect this..." I was like "you thought it would suck?" He said  "No, but this is exactly like cheescake". Um, yeah it is cheesecake baby. So again, not beautiful but so, so so super damn good!


  1. We had a similar situation happen when we bought our dryer..omg what a nightmare !

    Cheesecake YUM-O...grandma recipe must rock!


  2. Sorry about the appliance drama. Uggghhhhh. That totally sucks. Hope you find a new one soon. And YUMMO on the cheesecake. So jealous!


  3. I hope you find a washer soon!!

    I knew the cheesecake would be good!! :)

  4. Good job on the cheesecake! I wish I could have a slice, along with some good Egyptian coffee? At least I assume coffee would be good there. Is it? Anyway, I can't drink caffeine or eat dairy b/c of the chipmunk, but I can imagine!

    As far as the washing machine..arrg! I hope you find another place with better customer service.

  5. OMG how frustrating. I can't believe you still don't have a washer.

    And, Mmmmmmmm, cheeeeeeesecake.

  6. I need a piece of this cheesecake. Immediately, if not sooner.

  7. I'm sorry but your washer drama has me laughing! That's hilarious that they thought you wouldn't notice the floor model was gone. Too funny. And you have me craving cheesecake now, thanks very much.

  8. Errrr.... trying to sell you the show washer. What a cheek! I'm with you on never going to that retailer again.

    And the unbelievable cheesecake! "Gram would be proud" :-). Would love if you could share the recipe with us (as you ain't gonna tease us and I can't lick the screen LOL)

  9. What a big pain in the but about the washer.
    I love cheesecake. Recipe to follow?

  10. Congrats on the cheesecake--personally I am Scared. To. Death. to attempt them so you have my awe.

    So sorry about your washer travails. Argh. Good luck with the new one.

  11. Grrrrr. I'm glad you got your lira back, and I hope you are able to find a more reputable seller soon.

    Yum on the cheesecake!


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