Monday, August 24, 2009

Dirty Clothes and Cheesecake

I really have to laugh this washer fiasco off. If i don't laugh I think i would cry.

Nothing today. No call, nada.

I call the store, they said they remembered us and would call back in 5 minutes, that was like 7 hours ago! I tried calling back several times, no answer. I have the mobile number for the manager, tried calling, it was switched off the recording told me.

An hour after I spoke with the store Super S called the main number for this company and made a complaint. They said to him we will "settle this for you the way you want" within 24 hours.

Um, the way we want?

Super S wants to forget this outfit and get a refund. They are a big retailer here and are usually reputable, I told him lets just wait and see. I normally would be so in agreement with him, saying screw em, but i REALLY like this washer and these American made/top loading are not easy to find here.

Anyway we'll see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully a washer maybe?

Today I decided to make my Grandmothers famous cheesecake. Let me preface this by saying her cheesecake was THE best cheesecake in the world. She was quite famous to anyone who was lucky enough to try it.

My dad gave me a photo copy of her hand written recipe, I've had it for awhile... I cried while I was making it. She is no longer alive (passed away in 2000) but just looking at her handwriting made me miss her even more. We were so close, I loved her so much. She kind of raised my sister and I as she lived with us. She cooked for us, walked us to the bus for school, greeted us when we got home, she was an amazing lady! I miss her so much.


I followed her directions to a "T".

And what I made looks NOTHING like her cheesecake. at.all.

I would post a pic but am too embarassed really. Its in the fridge chilling now but I have a feeling its going to be awesome, cause I'm such a great baker like that. Not. I LOVE to cook, but not bake.

I'll let you know how it tastes later, and I may just post the recipe later. But maybe not.


  1. Hi there, I have nominated you for a blog award, Please come over to my blog and see

  2. I'm just reading about your washer situation...bless your heart!! And as for the doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it tastes good. I've never made a cheesecake - for some reason it intimidates me. I applaude you for at least trying! :)

  3. The washer situation sucks - but hey living in Morocco, i know how the 'we'll call you back in 5 mins' or 'you'll have it tomorrow' lines go. Plus it's ramadan so nobody can be bothered to work. It's a tough time to get anything done!

    I'm sure your cheesecake will be great - so lovely you have something like that to remember your grandmother by.

  4. The cheesecake could be affected by all sorts of things, such as any ingredients that aren't exactly the same, different kind of oven, different climate. But if it tastes the same, who cares.

    The handwritten recipes from loved ones mean so much more.

  5. Sometimes, even if it looks awful (read: the cupcakes I just made), it still tastes good.

  6. handwritten recipes are the best! I have one from my grandma too (she still lives, I should definitely get more!), and one for a dessert that I got when I was 15. It was my mom's cousing who gave it to me, and she died soon after. I never made it, but keep it proudly in my recipe book.
    Good luck with both the cheesecake and the washer!

  7. Good luck with the cheese cake and the washer. Though to be honest, I've never met a cheesecake I didn't like, so I'm sure yours is fabulous!


  8. Cassandra that is exactly what happened, I'm sure. The ovens seem to get hotter so much faster here and of course the ingredients are different, but again maybe it will be yummy. Looking forward to trying later...

  9. I'm so over all the presentation kind of stuff. (-; I'll bet the taste is great. I am so craving cheesecake right now (my all time favorite!) How sweet to have your grandmother's recipe. I'm sure she would be proud.

  10. I always have trouble when making new or complicated food and get frustrated that it is not coming out right. But yet it somehow usually tastes pretty good. I hope you enjoyed it!


  11. Awwwww I totally know how you feel with the Grandma thing. I have some notes and such my Grandma wrote for me that I have saved all these years (she died in 1999, gosh, she's been gone for 10 years now) ... and I cherish it all. All the items I have of her's are treasured. I even have her carry make up case and I pull it out every now and then to smell it (silly I know) but it smells like her so I can't help it. I miss her :(

    Happy ICLW

  12. How was the cheesecake? Any news on washer?

  13. I love the eternal optimist! The cake will be perfect, I just know it! I love making Cheesecake--except that I end up eating waaay too much of it. Gosh, you've got me in the mood to make one anyway!
    And I'm still hoping along with you that you get just the washer you want--tomorrow!


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