Thursday, December 11, 2008

Diarrhea anyone?

Well, i have another entry for the TIE ( T.his I.s E.gypt ) book. I just may really start a book, but for now the list calculates in my head.

Check it out....

So our appointment today for our embryo replacement is at noon. We arrived at 11:45am. When we walked in, we burst out laughing cause it looked like a mob....there were SO MANY people. Not enough seats and so many standing. Okay we thought, the Eid holiday is just finishing up and maybe they overbooked.

We waited until 3:30pm to be seen!

We go in to see Dr. K. We know him, he knows us- he's been the one we've seen for all of our previous transfers. I tell him how we'd been waiting for hours, they should have called us in am to reschedule, etc etc. He apologizes and tells us how he has diarrhea and is very sick and many of the other staff are sick, blah blah. No friggin excuse for that long of wait!

He pulls out a paper, stating how many ovum collected, how many fertilized, frozen, sperm report, etc.

They collected 12 ovum. 11 were fertilized. 8 cleaved. 4 cryopreserved and 4 for replacement today. I think that what it all said. All i know is 4 frozen and they wanted to replace 4 today.

So he starts to tell me that the embryos are slow. Slow? They have not reached blastocyst stage, but the compacted stage. I cried. He says alot more stuff that confused me and I questioned him on alot of things, as they didn't sound right. But bottom line for me, i wanted to see pics of all 4 embryos and he had only 2. He said he'd be right back. Oh and I asked for DVD like we usually get, they stopped making them. Sweet.

He comes back and apologizes. He said how unprofessional he must look. But that today is just day 4 and this is a consult and should not have been scheduled to be a transfer. That indeed my embryos are not slow, rather excellent FOR DAY 4!!!

My bad too, sort of. I was counting retrieval day as Day 1. Its actually Day 0. They count Day 1 as day after retrieval. The lab was right, he was just not up to speed  because of his diarrhea for whatever reason.

I said to him, had I not said anything would you just have replaced these 4 embryos? He assured me no. Once he went to lab, they would have (and did) tell him they are at Day 4, not quite blastos yet and no transfer is to take place yet. Whew....

So i will call him tomorrow around 11AM and we will see. Transfer will be tomorrow or Saturday early AM.

I need to put a proverb or some saying about patience here...cause man you have to have ALOT here!

Still in all, after, we laughed it off, after all we are feelin' good about this cycle and maybe this was a evil omen good sign, LOL! Hey if we don't laugh we cry, laughing is better.


  1. Gosh, I can't imagine how frustrating it all is, and I admire you for being able to keep your cool and laugh about it all. I can see how this would shake your confidence, but at least he is sick, so he's not on his top game. I am VERY excited to hear about 4 good embryos and 4 frozen..have they frozen the 4 yet, or will they wait to do that when they do the transfer? In other words, give them time to grow to blastocyst stage too. At any rate, it still sounds very promising. Hang in there!!!

  2. They froze the four at PN stage, when injected. The other four they are culturing now to blastocyst stage, well hopefully they are, kidding they are. This is the first time such a thing happen and I still belive it is a very good center and trust their lab.

  3. I am totally using the I Have Diarrhea excuse the next time I mess up something.

  4. Good gracious freakin' goodness. After all of that rightful and deserved freaking out, I'm glad he was able to get his "shit" together (I slay myself) and get his facts straight. All good news, indeed. WHEW! Four on the way to blasts is WONDERFUL!

  5. Don't laugh too hard or a little poop might come out! OMG! Poor guy. Glad that you caught this though and have a new date for transfer!

  6. Wow...did he think it was unprofessional that he didn't know how many days old your embryos were or that he actually told you he had diarrhea. Wow. Wishing you and your fab 4 all the best!

  7. After I left the comment wishing you luck for noon on transfer day, I woke up the next morning and realized that even though your appointment was scheduled for noon Cairo time, it might not have happened by the time I woke up since "Cairo time" means a few hours late! Looks like I was right, except that it was a few hours plus one or two days.

    So, good luck Friday or Saturday!

  8. Well shit (haha) that really bits. It's a good thing YOU have your stuff together.

    Crossed fingers for the best embries ever.


  9. Wow, that's a weird doctor interaction. Great that you have so many embryos and frozen ones too!

  10. ♥*¨¨*:•.
    Hopes go to you for the New Year.
    Maybe you should just relax and calm down and when you don't think of it, baby will announce itself from out of nothing...
    European Greetings from
    Stay tuned...


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