Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm so ready...

Tomorrow at noon we will get my our baby (ies). I am so ready for this.

Like i've been saying for the last couple weeks, I think this is it. I just have a really good feeling.
Not that i didn't have good feelings with my previous 5 transfers, but this time I feel different. More optimistic, believe it or not and it feels good.

Whatever the outcome, I still feel this cycle was better than good and my spirits were the best they have ever been with any of our IVF trials.

So think of me tomorrow at noon Cairo time, wherever you are and climb aboard cause the dreaded awesome 2 week wait is coming.

Much love,


  1. I so wish you luck and the speediest two weeks of your life. Let us know how the transfer goes and how many they put back. I'm thrilled to hear your optimism, as that can only help with this cycle!

  2. Thinking all my best thoughts for you and hoping everything goes perfectly!! Your attitude is incredible and I hope your high spirits continue right into your BFP!! Much luck to you!!

  3. Love that your optimistic after 5 are an inspiration to all of us rookies. :)

    Praying this is THE ONE!!


  4. Thanks to the handy time difference, only a few hours left. I will be sleeping at noon Cairo time, but maybe I'll have a happy embie dream for you. Good luck!!!!

  5. Sending hugs and good vibes your way, here's wishing for a very quick TWW.

    Keep up the positive thinking :-)

  6. I'm thinking of you...and hoping you get great news at the end of this 2ww!

  7. Sending all the best thoughts and wishes to you...

  8. I think I was asleep at 12 noon your time, but in my dreams I was thinking of you!!!! Let us know how it all goes/went...

  9. I have no idea when noon Cairo time is, but I think it is probably past. Welcome to the 2ww! Wishing you best of luck!!!!


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